Energetic Upgrade

Yesterday brought to a close an exceptionally generous cosmic opening.  In the last two weeks you may have experienced this as the deepest kind of massage, filled with aromatic linemints and unwinding of ancient curses as angels chanted around you 24/7. Or you may feel a bit chewed up and spit out.  Either way, it’s […]

Whose life are you living?

Putting your business on a 7-figure path is a series of shamanic initiations. Knowing what these initiations are and how to recognize when they are underway can make the difference between the journey feeling stressful and degrading or feeling illuminating and ecstatic.  When I brought my second child into the world 11 years ago, my […]

Shamanic Mapping for 7-Figure Business

A dear client of mine, from 7 Journeys, reached out this week with a question around manifesting a breakthrough. She’s nearing the halfway point in her current journey – the moment when the initial ‘high’ of a new beginning has passed and there’s still a ways to go. This midway point is so important because […]

Do you have to breakdown to breakthrough?