“Juliet is the embodiment of love.”


Cali Anicha
Biofeedback consulting and training

You do it differently. You’re not like the rest. You are an artist of the impossible, an unconventional doer and dreamer. You seek to create love, impact and connection for us all.

Together we create a space that gives wings to your service and taproots to your love. As you dream more fearlessly, all the broken bits are healed. Everything that felt dangerous becomes your playground.
Your deepest impact and greatest change don’t come from motivational tools or accountability. They come from your willingness to explore being fully unleashed, fully connected, fully alive.
I am the way-finder who holds that space with you, weaving it with threads of compassion, magic and mischief. I am here to call forth your deepest love and set it free.
I understand that what comes next in your life comes from you – from the space within. I believe in the power of exploring, nourishing and animating that inner space. I am here, not to show you my way, but to deepen your connection to your way.
Our time is calling us to lead from within. It is the call of thunder sweeping the sky, loosening our roots from the bond of false ground. It is the call of softest heart shimmer, invoking your willingness to turn towards everything appearing to stand in the way of love and to come into wild relationship with it. 
This is the voice of ages, of ancestors and all our earthy kin. It calls you now to create, to love and be loved, to connect in the way that is yours.
If not you, then who?
If not now, then when?
There is a line between
your fear and your faith.
It’s time to step across that boundary.