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$3.5 in < 3 years by making my business a ceremony

March 25, 2024

Sitting down to write to you is such a blessing.

Here’s why: I have the privilege of writing to you from my deepest heart.

I reflect back on these incredible years of magic entrepreneurship, how many times I came across email templates, ‘guaranteed formulas’ and strict instructions of how an email is ‘supposed’ to be constructed to ‘guarantee’ conversions.

But none of these formulations or guarantees came from any kind of connection to the Void. They didn’t make space for my channel to open, for my vision to be prioritized. They came from a homogenized worldview, that places greatest value on diversity and an allegiance to the known.

I’m so glad I ignored them.

Doing so has made all the difference.

I have always been that witch. No matter if I’m looking at an enneagram assessment, a multiple-choice on my ideal romantic partner or a sales funnel, inevitably I just don’t see the option I would prefer.

And so it is with business growth. I noticed awhile back that the trajectory for growing an established coaching business was packaged in one word: scaling.

But I didn’t want to ‘scale’.

And scaling has never been a part of the multiple 7-figure ecosystem that my business is today.

I’m bored with all the invitations out there to do it your own way – except ‘it’ is always the same thing. Something along the lines of, “Get your mindset right, create a program that looks like every other program out there but with just a dash of your own sanitized-for-marketing-purposes-message and then scale it.’

Honestly, if you want to scale your business, if that makes you break out into a sweat, makes you weak in the knees and blows stardust in your eyes, that’s amazing!!!!

But there’s so many creative, non-conforming, culture-shifting women out there who simply don’t want to grow that way.

I am here for you. 
Even though the structures in my business are constantly evolving, there are some things that have stayed the same, from when I signed my first $2,500 client to signing my first $150K client. I choose to contribute to a reality where my values are primary. Where my business and my ceremony are one in the same, where any platform I appear on is my artist’s canvas, where creating clients is based on genuineness, relationships and REALLY fucking amazing results… because results are magic made evident win the world. 

Risk. Intimacy. Growth. Abundance. Inner Authority. Intention.

God is good for business.

Audacity is good for business.

Ancestors are good for business.

Sacred space is good for business.

Sisterhood is good for business.

A deepening of mentorship and collaboration are good for business.

A great business isn’t just one that you successfully grow, it is one that grows you.

I never thought I’d be a multimillionaire shaman.

I never thought I would marry the man I divorced and that we’d build a castle of love in the sky-vortex of Sedona. 

I never thought I’d be a spiritual guide to presidential candidates and Hollywood producers. I never thought I’d have clients across the globe who make me cry with their beauty and power. I never thought there would be a place for a woman who cared deeply about generational healing and generational wealth. 

And now $300K months are becoming the norm. And the Ancestors are with me every step of the way. 

And the faster we go, the easier it gets. 

Calibrate your cosmic watches sisters..

Because we are

Something new is coming…can you feel it?

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Join our free webinar, Living Legend, and learn the mechanics of evolving to 7 figures as a high-level coach.