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Nothing can cause fear when you are willing to turn towards it

July 8, 2023

Once a coaching client went to her coach. 
She said, “I know I’m meant for so much more. I have a burning desire to liberate the world. I know my voice is needed. I know I’m meant for luxury. I know I’m worthy of being paid more than I’m charging. But I feel afraid….”

The coach replied, “If you can bring me a cup full of fear, I’ll write you a check for a million dollars right now.”

Fear does not exist. 
What we call fear is only a form of control. 
It’s a practice on automatic pilot, where your brain decides to interpret sensation as cause for alarm.
It is only a lack of surrender to That Which Is Greater.

Fear has no power over you and using it to hide, even just a little, is not your truest self.

Abundance knows your address. Make sure you are home. Move all the way in. No AirB&B.
Open the windows. Unshutter your heart. 

I am aware that this message gives you no practical tools whatsoever. If you want the tools, you’ve got to come and practice with me in my schools of fearlessness. This message is just for speaking the truth.

What you will do with it, is up to you.

Are you a yes to truly living beyond fear? 

Send me an email and tell me why.


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