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Direct Knowing is what we are, when we fully enter this moment.

It is a process of growing your success by synthesizing, integrating and expressing your unconditioned self.

Direct Knowing is a polarity to the practice of seeking success through The ‘Self Improvement Project’. In the quest for ‘self-improvement’, you need to be improved and ‘worked on’. This paradigm insists that if you have the right mindset work done, the right strategy in place and the right systems added, you’ll be successful.

But the truth is, you are The Mystery, incarnate. And a mystery does not need to be improved, worked on or added to. It does not need to be fixed. A mystery is only meant to be explored, revealed and reveled. Direct Knowing is the process unfolding and unfurling the mystery of you.

We bow to the truth that your next level of success is only a function of having the right support for your genius to be seen, properly nourished and celebrated. In such a high-quality space, your greatest self becomes activated. Your dreams move from impossible to inevitable.

Direct Knowing is an experience that Juliet holds her clients within, opening the ripe possibilities, agency and truth that are only accessed in the song of this moment.

Within these eternal spaces, prepare to be seen. Prepare to have a pristine mirror held to your eyes that loves you ruthlessly enough to reveal the full spectrum of your unclaimed gift as well as the indifference you tolerate that dulls your shine.

Direct knowing is the removal of skill, technique or system from the moment. You become the curriculum. The polarity created by such unimpeded relationship initiates a magnetism. Everything that is needed and desired becomes instantly available. It was, in fact, always here. The power of your devotion exalts you to a life where all paths lead to your desired outcome. Any tool, any skill and system becomes the way to your heart’s desire.

Juliet Trnka

Founder of Direct Knowing

Coyote Shaman, Self-Made Millionaire 

Juliet Trnka is dedicated to guiding individuals on a transformative journey into the heart of Direct Knowing. Attuned to working with consciousness-oriented female entrepreneurs, Juliet invites ambitious women to defy conventional norms and embrace the mystery of the unconditioned self. A shaman and guide to the wild creators and leaders who seek to fully live out the gifts encoded within them, Juliet holds a transformative space created to actualize your deepest vision of self and service. Driven by the vow "As I am liberated, you are liberated. As you are liberated, all are liberated. And so it is", Juliet serves liberatation through sacred consciousness spaces. At Direct Knowing, wealth is the outflow of this liberation, not a means to it.

My clients are spiritually oriented high-achievers

Passionate about partnering with visionary leaders whose aspirations may seem impossible to others, Juliet seeks to expand consciousness in a way that serves as the crucial path to realizing ambitious goals. Her diverse clientele includes esteemed members of the global management team at Microsoft and senior management teams of various U.S.-based companies. She has provided guidance to revolutionary CEOs in mental health education, Hollywood producers, actors, elected political officials, as well as entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants. What unites these individuals is their shared dedication to uplifting humanity and their profound commitment to both the Earth and Spirit.

May I be liberated for the benefit of all beings: This is my vow.



Your Portal to Wealth Alchemy

Wealth is this - the experience of the Divine, incarnate. Incarnated as you, as me, as us. Incarnated as money, clients and magic and tectonic shifts. Experience a unique perspective towards business development rooted in a profound relating with reality. Learn how to foster a direct relationship with the essence of existence. It's a journey of intuition, abundance, and a deep understanding that transcends the ordinary.

A synergy of Growth and intimacy

Together, we embark on a journey that transcends boundaries and limitations. We embrace risk as a catalyst for transformation, set intentions that resonate with your soul's purpose, and cultivate growth that is both profound and sustainable. In this alliance, we uncover the inner authority that propels you forward, forging a path to abundance that aligns with your unique vision.

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