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Why knowing the difference between mindset + consciousness is crucial

August 5, 2023

As a wordsmith, language is important to me. Every word I speak or write is chosen intentionally. 

Lately I’ve heard so many people using the word ‘consciousness’ and ‘mindset’ interchangeably and I wanted to set the record straight on an important distinction between these two approaches.

Here’s why – mindset is like you playing chess against your mind. Consciousness is like the ability to zoom all the way out, to recognize that you are neither the chess player nor the opponent. It is the capacity to recognize that you don’t have to win the chess game in order to get the prize. You have the ability to completely choose the colors on the wall where the game is being played, or remove them completely. You can change the chess game to a salsa dance festival.

You’re no longer a singular player fighting for her peace, freedom or abundance, you are the ground of being itself, choosing whatever expression delights you.

Mindset is almost exclusively focused on the individual and exists within a paradigm that keeps your focus on the separate self – the exact aspect of you that experiences limitation, lack and blockage.

Consciousness recognizes that you are a vast continuum of life, that you are Source. And when you focus on Source within you and as you, growing your wealth, joy, opportunity, confidence and impact are simply choices you make and ways you live. There’s nothing to overcome, get past or destroy.

There are five months left in 2023. What was the vision you carried with you into this year? How aligned are you, right now, with actualizing that vision? 

It’s not too late. If you are established in your business and your vision includes multiple five or six-figure months, we should talk. Creating exponential, sustainable, Source-based revenue leaps is my shamanic specialty. 

If you’re experiencing the limitations of mindset work and want to play a bigger more magical game, book a call now to speak with me and my team. We’ll help you craft a powerful map of actualization in these final five months of the year. Book your call here now.

I can’t wait to connect with you!

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Join our free webinar, Living Legend, and learn the mechanics of evolving to 7 figures as a high-level coach.