Energetic Upgrade

Whose life are you living?

May 6, 2023

Yesterday brought to a close an exceptionally generous cosmic opening. 

In the last two weeks you may have experienced this as the deepest kind of massage, filled with aromatic linemints and unwinding of ancient curses as angels chanted around you 24/7.

Or you may feel a bit chewed up and spit out. 

Either way, it’s Beltane season and the Universe must till the soul of you to fertilize the seed. 

This is the opportunity we have now: knowing that whatever seeds we plant will be fertilized by cosmic pollen, we can choose what we want to grow, within and without. 

The truth is this – if you don’t live your values, you’re living someone else’s. And unless your life is exactly as you would prefer, your real values are being compromised. 

Most people don’t know what their authentic values are. Your authentic values are not vanilla. They are spicy, fecund and disruptive. Loving them is uncomfortable and irresistible for alchemists like you and me. 

In a little more than 10 days the door to White Tiger Inner Circle open. This is the space called through me to grow 20 embodied millionaires. Those are the seeds I’m planting! This is space for women who are done apologizing, agonizing, hand-wringing and who are ready to live their own unedited life. 

If you know this is you, go to the White Tiger details page right away to feel the transmission and apply. 


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