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Self-responsibility is the sanctuary you seek

July 22, 2023

This past week was the one-year anniversary of our arrival to our luxury Sedona home – a literally impossible feat. My most delightful manifestation to date.

Living in this home and on this land has cut away all the fantasy I was substituting for truth. The real manifestation wasn’t just purchasing this home, but being the version of myself that is an energetic match for this level of abundance and splendor. 

The initiation into greater abundance has been the medicine of self-responsibility.

Self-responsibility has nothing to do with duty or rule-following. It is wild, not tame. It is the alchemy of a radical level of decision making melded with the magic of total surrender to your vision.

I am calling in 10 established entrepreneurs who are eager to master…

Growing their revenue to $50K every 30 days through growing wealth consciousness (rather than more marketing, more posting, more time on the computer)

Accessing the spiritual technology to change reality by shifting their inner being

Creating even more epic results for their clients with less energetic and time output

Have the confidence that magnetizes highly invested dream clients

Want to deepen your magic and manifestation through self-responsibility

This is our founders circle, and when you say yes before August 1, you’ll receive a special rate as my celebration of your choosing of yourself at this level.

I’ll mentor you in how we create and implement the strategies, shamanic tools and rapid shift techniques that have led to our $3.5 million dollar company. 

We get started ASAP, and, because this circle isn’t based on funnels that take weeks or months to set up, you’ll start seeing results right away. My guidance will NOT be rooted in trying to teach you some kind of stale, cookie-cutter approach, but will buildi the wealth consciousness within YOU that lights your success like a field on fire.

We only have 10 spots available in our founders circle, and three of them have already been claimed. Email us if you want the details!

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Join our free webinar, Living Legend, and learn the mechanics of evolving to 7 figures as a high-level coach.