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The rise of your real voice

March 11, 2023

I walked away from a painting course with a treasure-trove of insight into coaching, success and authenticity.

Years ago, my voice was so defacilitated, I could only teach what I had read in books written by others and was terrified to speak what I really wanted or felt to those close to me.

So I turned to painting – not with an aim to become professional, but to have a space to play with the language of color when my throat felt so closed off.

Inside the training, we spent an entire week exploring locating one’s own voice, versus leaving the training and essentially creating known-offs of our teacher’s work!

Strangely, I’ve never seen this discussed in a meaningful way in the coaching world.

I’ve seen a lot of contracts protecting intellectual property.

I’ve seen agreements held to not duplicate another’s work.

But in a world that’s all about bringing consciousness and effectiveness to our actions, this topic is largely absent.

But it matters.

There is a phenomenon of taking on our teacher’s and mentor’s voices that can happen when we are not adequately empowered in our own. And it can happen in 1,000 ways.

Most commonly, it simply happens when we know in our hearts that we’re put on this earth for a specific reason, but we’ve got some kind of misalignment that tells us it’ll never work to just do what we love! Who would pay for that!?! Who would value that!?!

So instead, many women just do the ‘safer’ thing – they take something that appears successful, and they duplicate it, while adding their own flair.

Please hear me when I say I don’t think this is wrong in any way! It’s fun to mutate, to improve, to add our own spice to the recipe. 

But at the end of the day, it just doesn’t hit the yes spot. It leaves you feeling empty, unfulfilled and unexpressed. You keep talking, but it seems like no one is listening.

Unearthing, liberating and rising your real voice is just one of the topics we’ll be diving into in Doubt to Destiny.

This two-day, intimate online immersion is for revolutionary leaders, spiritual entrepreneurs and genius coaches who are here to shape the world with their medicine – and are in a dance with doubt that is starting to feel really stale.

Doubt can bring a sludgy quality to the journey, twisting around our ankles even when we are in full action mode. It edits you in ways that can be costly on all levels.

If you know you want to accelerate your destiny by radically reframing your relationship with doubt, you can join us here.

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Join our free webinar, Living Legend, and learn the mechanics of evolving to 7 figures as a high-level coach.