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Nothing is earned, everything is freely given

February 25, 2023

I know the intersection of passionate devotion and total f-ing burnout very well. 

My parents were barely adults when they had me, and my three sisters quickly followed. They were flat broke for the first years of my life. Lacking a great support system, it was them against the world, raising their four daughters.

And they did something extraordinary. They made a clear decision about the kind of life they wanted, and worked their asses off for decades in order to create it. And they did it. They took our family from food stamps and evictions to being solidly upper middle class.

I’m so grateful for them and for the experience of being raised by parents who decided they were not going to settle.

And, along the way, I internalized a confusion that most of humanity is still operating inside of: I thought it was the hard work that made our life better. 

You see, there is an important difference between going ALL IN on your devotion, your vision – being willing to do whatever it takes – and plain old overfunctioning, stress and the kind of forcing that pushes your body and life into destructive imbalance. 

The difference is the degree of SURRENDER.

Massive action, taken in the grip of control, lack of trust in life, ‘have-to’ and self-sacrifice is actually not in integrity for you. It is just a form of ego protection that is keeping you energetically immature.

Massive action, taken just for the joy of it, because you KNOW that your vision is already realized and there’s nothing you need do, is the genesis of a truly miraculous life that uplifts the entire planet.

High-level manifestation is actually measured by how odd, nonsensical and outrageous your actions seem to you, paired with a deep, bone-level knowing that this is the right thing for you to do. No evidence, no buy-in from the people around you, but a kind of clarity that transcends logic.

THAT is what we define as ease, certainty, and clarity. 

It doesn’t align with anything in your current reality because it is shifting you into a new one.

If you feel a YES in you right now – to creating this way, living in this level of magic  – I want you to reach out to me on messenger. I have something precisely calibrated to this moment on your journey of abundance, freedom and conscious leadership.

You should only reach out if you know you are here to live more than you are living now, and you are a clear yes to taking the soul-aligned actions of investing your time, energy and financial resources to make this leap.

I know that what you want is possible.

I know how to help you navigate the path of radical surrender that is required to get there.

Let me show you.

What you waiting for?

Reach out to me here.

I love you!

And remember, heaven on earth begins within you.

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Join our free webinar, Living Legend, and learn the mechanics of evolving to 7 figures as a high-level coach.