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My Spiritual Awakening: How I Learned to Trust Life

March 23, 2023

Welcome friends to this inaugural episode of The Seer’s Edge. I love being in this energy of honoring new beginnings, insights and rebirth. And it’s a delight to share it with you and pull back the curtains of shamanic leadership!

In this first episode, I’ll share a story – the story that changed my life and initiated me from childhood to adulthood. 

The story that taught me how to trust life.

Because in the end, this is what it’s all about, right? Do you trust life or not?

Revolutionary leadership is all about finding the edge, finding that choice point where your whole body is lit up by that one question.

And once you find the answer, the need to ‘figure it out’ is replaced with deep, bone-level knowing. Because in the decision to really live at your edge, you’ll enter into dialogue with reality itself.

If this sounds a bit mysterious, good! When we live at the edge, we are in partnership with The Mystery itself. Rest assured, I’m here to hold the space and offer guidance.

So take a deep, luxurious breath tune into this first episode, where I share all about the edge and the one trip that changed my life.

Do you feel your yes? 

Let’s dive in.

Key Takeaways:

Intro (00:00)

Are you ready to find the edge? (01:01)

The trip at 17 changed my life (03:44)

The memory that never goes away (06:07)

Fast forward to last year (08:58)

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