I often say that my company, Direct Knowing, is run by a Coyote and an Owl with an advisory board of Ancestors. That’s actually not a joke! It is my lived experience. Because we are rooted in coyote medicine, this business of shamanic manifestation is a constant experimentation. And this new incarnation is an expression […]

Clarity is found by plunging into the unknown

I walked away from a painting course with a treasure-trove of insight into coaching, success and authenticity. Years ago, my voice was so defacilitated, I could only teach what I had read in books written by others and was terrified to speak what I really wanted or felt to those close to me. So I […]

The rise of your real voice

I know the intersection of passionate devotion and total f-ing burnout very well.  My parents were barely adults when they had me, and my three sisters quickly followed. They were flat broke for the first years of my life. Lacking a great support system, it was them against the world, raising their four daughters. And […]

Nothing is earned, everything is freely given

We are volcanoes.When we cast off the conditioning from our voices, truth and beauty erupt. When we speak our perspective, new maps are born. New mountains appear. New terrains become available for exploration, communion and worship. To be a woman is to be disruptive. It’s not a choice, it’s a fact.Because you are unlimited abundance, and we […]

Being Unapologetically TOO MUCH

Many an entrepreneur, coach and spiritual leader has bemoaned, “Why do I have so much resistance?!” Or even more often, “My dream/money/vision doesn’t seem to be moving fast enough – I must be secretly resisting! Why am I doing that? And what is the resistance?!” It’s so easy to make resistance the ‘bad guy’. Or, […]

You can change your life in an instant

For many of us, the path of abundance IS the spiritual path. And if you are an entrepreneur, you are on the money path. And this is an….interesting….journey, in a culture where money is vilified, psychologized, even demonized. Those of us on the path to millions know that it’s really never about the money. The money […]

Work as Love Made Real ❤️

You already know how to create and receive everything you want. All of it. Right now. It’s just that the knowing might be tucked away in the recesses of your subconscious. I’m a conscious cartographer; my greatest joy is in unearthing the maps of success and creation that sparkle like gems within you.  These precious […]

The M word

Let me share the Universal Truth about materializing your Vision: Universal Truth #1 Transforming your outer reality begins within. You can truly have whatever you desire, when you fully decide it. When you become it. Many sacred leaders get stuck because they look at the fulfillment of their desire as an outside job that happens in linear […]

If you’ve got the vision and just don’t know HOW it happens, read this ⚡️

I am not a capitalist.I am a revolutionist, using tools that have traditionally been used as instruments of oppression and turning them into agents of liberation. I believe the best way that I can serve women is to empower them to create exactly what they want.Because a woman is a holy vessel.And her desire is […]

I Am a Revolutionist

There is a distinction between honoring and ceding power.There is a difference between loving and tolerating.You can honor your doubt as holy and welcome without giving it your power.You can even love the doubt and fear that arrive without tolerating them. Turn towards your desire – even literally get your body up and turn in […]

Being Unreasonable as an Act of Love