Discovering the Creative Power of Coherence

March 10, 2022

The mystical practice of coherence is more ancient than time. 

A thousand times more powerful than manifestation, it is simple but not always easy. It is like holding a feather in your hand on a windy day.

Many people are halted by a resistance to action. They fall into a lull or experience a stuckness that prevents them from taking the steps that get their energy moving. They want to just wish for something and have it appear with no participation on their part.

I’m not denying that that’s a path, but that’s not my path. And it goes against the fibers of my being as a shaman. Because my understanding is that to be the bodhisattvas that we came to be involves participating in life, being willing to touch and be touched. 

Coherence involves recognizing that just by breathing we’re having an impact. We are always taking action – it’s more a matter of choosing the actions that we’re going to take, who we will be inside them, what quality they’re going to be, and what they’re in service to. That’s the love and the vision.

My invitation for you is to actually take coherence as a practice. It is deceptively simple, but revelatory. 

What you desire is already within you. The power to create a financial flow that supports the life that you were designed to live, supports the life your business wants to have, the impact that your medicine wants to have in the world.

It is my joy to share these things with you that can be so profoundly helpful if you really take them and work with them actively. Watch this video to go deeper, and receive a coherence practice that you can take action on now. 


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