Wealth as Healing

March 3, 2022

How do I create wealth?

Like a lover waiting to be taken.

Like my presence on this earth makes a difference.

By listening for the healing response within me,

And noticing the igniting of my blood’s fire.

How do I create wealth?

By following the cosmic, undulating spiral

That fares forth what has always been mine

And surrenders me again and again.

How do I create wealth?

As an act of unapologetic service

Of turning toward what I sometimes want to

Turn away from.

By joining water and fire to spark a vital regeneration

In the fabric of life.

How do I create wealth?

By experimentation, by being messy and publicly


By softening when my habit wants rigidity.

By answering to the rhythmatic stirrings of my own deep well

By undulating and listening to my cells

By swimming in the juice of existence

By living my primordial disposition.

By taking step by step into loving

And being loved.


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