Being Unreasonable as an Act of Love

March 17, 2022

There is a distinction between honoring and ceding power.
There is a difference between loving and tolerating.
You can honor your doubt as holy and welcome without giving it your power.
You can even love the doubt and fear that arrive without tolerating them.

Turn towards your desire – even literally get your body up and turn in a new direction. 
Facing your desire, what is the most unreasonable request it wants you to make?
Where will you have to give more than you want to, or ask someone for more than you (or even they) think they can give?

You have no obligation to respect the boundaries erected by scarcity.
And your deepest loving comes from your willingness to cross the line in the sand that your propriety has drawn.

Asking for more doesn’t mean that someone else gets less.
The idea that more for me means less for you is a lie.
More creates more for us all, when guided by a heretical love.

When I ask for more than you believe you have to give, a more honest conversation is possible. I ask for more not to cause you to over-give, but to open a portal of more magnificent creating – because asking more of you will ask more of me also. It will bring more of you into life and call more of me in also. Being unreasonable in this way then becomes a re-membering, a coming home to here and now.

What is the most unreasonable thing you could ask for? Ask it! Now! Voice it. Communicate it. Let go of the grip you’ve had on the throat of your possibility.


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