You are a force
of nature
an outlier, a darer,
a doer and a lover.
The fault-lines
of your passion run narrow and deep


You settle for nothing less than the dawn of empowerment for yourself and every being around you.

You create more than most could imagine, even with one hand tied behind your back.

Yet you crave to know what life might look like if you were completely untethered. What might be possible if all parts of you were nourished and activated?

You are in the right place.
And you have more power than you know.

The challenge you come up against is the Curse of the Capable. You do your inner work and are often more resourced than those around you. You are capable of creating from depths of audacity, love and magic that most people can’t understand. At this level, no can even see how much you’re holding back from what is possible. Because you are so fearless, the fears you carry often go unseen. Because you really don’t need help, you often feel unsupported and alone.

I’m here for you. I work with passionate leaders in spirituality, business, healing, politics and personal development to create the impossible. I am an explorer going narrow and deep, a maverick guide of the within and the beyond. I serve the rebels and visionaries that change the world.

I am a coyote shaman
and here’s what I get about you:


You create what you want to see in the world. But in spite of this success, and actually because of it, doing more of the same isn’t going to create the freedom, intimacy and feminine range you desire.

The ways that have given us the love and joy we’ve had until now are the very ones holding us back from the next step in our growth.

my medicine,


I’ve learned that there is shadow and light to everything that exists. The things we judge ourselves for, that we hide and hold back are secret wells of wisdom, energy and genius when transformed. And, the gifts we source most heavily to create often become our biggest limitations.

I’ve spent over 20 years
in holistic service. In that time I’ve identified challenges common to intuitive leaders. I am the best in my craft at supporting your journey of authentic presence and embodied leadership.

You hold nothing back in service to those you love.

You can be counted on. But sometimes you forget to include your self in ‘those you love’. You feel your own needs desires are in conflict with what you desire for others and your world.

Further, sometimes you do hold back. Because so few can vision in the way you can, you hold back what you know, what you see and what you feel, preferring to self-manage. This has your relationships feeling one-sided and that you’re constantly driving with the emergency break on, out of a desire to protect those around you.

You place high value on belonging and inclusivity, not only for yourself but for others.

You are an unintentional chameleon, knowing how to show up in just the way others need. This can leave you feeling unseen. You want to contribute, but simultaneously feel afraid to show up as you really are.

You are highly intuitive.

You don’t need outside verification or data to know what’s true. Your inner compass serves you well. At times you feel isolated from those around you who can’t understand the possibilities you see. It can also leave you frustrated. Explaining yourself to others can feel like you’re not trusted or understood.

You are a rebel at heart, with a low threshold for boredom and a high threshold for adventure.

Routine and management dry out your soul. If it’s not an adventure, your soul seeks a course-correct. This need for new horizons can be a competing commitment with your need to show up for others and actualize your potential.

You are an excellent problem solver

When you create from chaos, chaos can become a requirement. You tend to put things on autopilot until they reach a breaking point.

You walk your talk – you are committed to embodying your values

You lead by example and inspire the others around you. But this can also limit your range, as some of your greatest strengths lie in the blindspots beyond what you have learned to prioritize in your wheelhouse.

You are highly sensitive.

You can get an instant read on the room and can feel what your people need. Being highly sensitive also means your energy can tank quickly, causing you to rely on things like adrenaline, willpower, caffeine. And doing things that don’t inspire you are literally painful for you.

You believe because you can, you should

You can meet the demands of the moment with relative ease, which creates a feeling of never being ‘off-duty’. This capacity to constantly deliver can cause you to shut down as a way of unconsciously regulate your energy, leaving you feel inauthentic and guilty for saying ‘no’.

I am often the only person in my client’s world who is more committed to their freedom, potential and creation than anything else.

It will be sweet but I won’t sugar coat it. It might be bitter but never unkind. I won’t let your fears remain your enemy or jail-keeper, but will show you how to create them as holy pathways to freedom. I won’t believe your ‘stories’ but I will believe in you. And I won’t buy into your bullshit. I’ll tell you what I see and call forth from you the greatness that’s been with you all along. I’ll say what no one else in your world is bold enough to say. I’m not here to analyze you. I’m here to be absolutely present with you.