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Being Unapologetically TOO MUCH

February 18, 2023

We are volcanoes.
When we cast off the conditioning from our voices, truth and beauty erupt. 
When we speak our perspective, new maps are born. New mountains appear. New terrains become available for exploration, communion and worship.

To be a woman is to be disruptive. 
It’s not a choice, it’s a fact.
Because you are unlimited abundance, and we live in a society where scarcity is largely an unquestioned false god.
So the truth of your abundance becomes repressed, invisible – dangerous.
To live as who you really are then, is going to disrupt.

Our society that desperately needs your full feminine leadership.
So the question of, “How can I create what I want without being pushy or having anyone dislike me” is too small a question for you.
That question shrinks you down to an artificial size. 

The real questions of our time are…

“How far can I push the limits of what I think I am?”
“What is the purpose that thirsts to be expressed through me?”
“What do I value more than being liked?”
“How much more joyfully can I tap into the resources of love within me?”

For untold generations, aspects of your being have been suppressed. 
The flows of obvious, unapologetic overabundance have been stopped up.
Because you ARE limitless abundance, any orientation towards scarcity is a suppression of the truth of YOU.

You ARE the all the light you see.

And to be loud about this is to make a primal gesture of wholeness in your leadership.

You, who know you haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of your voice, I want you to erupt.
You, who know you’ll do whatever it takes to live a life that aligns with your dreams, I want to hear your scream, and hum and howl.

There is no time to wait. 
The most trivial desire you carry within you is deeply intertwined with the liberation of our whole culture. To claim your inner authority, give your integrity its full range and live in your full agency is the task of feminine leadership now. 

‘Too much’ and ‘not enough’ are worn-out, stale metrics rooted in a belief that there is only so much.
Only so much money, only so much love, only so much time, only so much possibility, only so much holiness.

To live unburdened as a female leader is to cackle as you dance your way past these notions, to sit on your throne and weave a life that is worthy of you.

It is time to awaken and uncover your mystical capacities, to really let your cells memorize the equation 
My limitless abundance + visibility = heaven on earth for us all.

I want you to have a space where you can do a strip-tease, removing layer after layer of settling, fitting in, modification, shrinking and invisibility cloaks. 

Because when you do this, when you really surrender the armor and weaponry of scarcity, you realize that your dreams and desires are not only possible, but they are here, now.

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Join our free webinar, Living Legend, and learn the mechanics of evolving to 7 figures as a high-level coach.