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You can change your life in an instant

February 11, 2023

Many an entrepreneur, coach and spiritual leader has bemoaned, “Why do I have so much resistance?!”

Or even more often, “My dream/money/vision doesn’t seem to be moving fast enough – I must be secretly resisting! Why am I doing that? And what is the resistance?!”

It’s so easy to make resistance the ‘bad guy’. Or, to go the opposite direction and decide the resistance means it wasn’t meant for you. Maybe others can be wealthy, work with incredible clients and get intravenous vitamins, but not you.

In the shamanic lore of the Andean traditions, we will experience heaven on earth in this lifetime. And that happens through something called a ‘Pachakuti’ – which literally means ‘upside down’.

Essentially, we can create all that we want, in an instant, by turning everything on its head.

When resistance shows up, it’s actually your inner wisdom coming online. That does NOT mean that resistance means you can’t or shouldn’t move forward. It just means that something essential has been missed.

Inevitably, some tender petal of desire has been suppressed, unspoken, ignored.

All resistance is unexpressed desire.

And your whole life can change in an instant when you facilitate that desire rather than push it down and put duct tape on its mouth.

You don’t have to wait for more information or work harder or modify yourself to manifest your desires.

The deeper meaning of manifestation is a radical practice of trust, surrender, truth and honoring.

It’s not sitting on your couch with your fingers crossed hoping the universe will leave your ego alone and just give you what you want.

It’s the joyful, radical participation in your destiny while relaxing your grip on needing to know ‘how’.

It’s meeting your resistance as a trusted helper rather than a scapegoat.

You start to wake up feeling excited and filled with possibility.

Synchronicity takes the place of stress and worry.

You feel encouraged by the success and wealth of others, rather than threatened by it.

Listen, ALL of you is valuable. Your resistance, your blocks, your desire. ALL of it is the reason why you can succeed.

You might be skeptical that life can really be like this, but I’ve seen it so many times I feel 100% confidant in these practices, like my new client Nina recently shared,

 “I just want to CELEBRATE that last month I made $12K and this month, even though we are only A FEW DAYS INTO IT, I’ve made $18K!!! Before signing on with you Juliet I wasn’t even making my previous goal of $10K per month. It feels fucking amazing!!! I’m like, it’s happening, we’re doing it! And it feels really important to celebrate this.”

Isn’t that awesome?!

Even better, Nina is like all of my clients – the money is an exciting way to track progress, but the real gold is how she has claimed her life for herself, how she is committing to serving in her full genius and love and how the results she’s creating for her own clients are also upleveling.

Seeing that you actually can change your life in an instant, your heart is likely asking, “What’s next?”

How can you live in unleashed abundance and alignment with your true purpose?

Get connected with aligned community – our environment is so influential on our consciousness. It is essential that you surround yourself with people who ‘get’ you and who champion you!

Earth Magic – The Earth, Cosmos and Elementals are incredible allies on the journey of creation

Energetic Activation – These are practices of activating and leveraging the already-present capacities that have been dormant within you

Pachakuti Mentorship – you need a guide who can help you access a new level of manifestation through deepening connection, inclusivity and love to accelerate your results

The delicious news is you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or spend hours trying to craft these things into an already-full schedule.

I created a container that weaves these elements together to create the most impact, shift and impact on your results that is possible. 

I highly recommend that you join us! 

Whatever it is you desire, it can become your reality.

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