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Raven is the Archetype of Sales as a Spiritual Practice

February 17, 2022

In many mythologies, Raven is known as The-Bringer-of-Light. He brings the sun with him to dark places. 

Raven is also, in these very stories, mostly concerned for himself. He is the energy of simply existing for his own sake. 

He is self-concerned, but he brings the light anyway.  

The codependent part of us will feel unsettled by this. Can we really allow ourselves to receive essential light and blessing from something that exists for itself and isn’t trying to please or satisfy others?  

It’s heresy.  

Raven is smart – as smart as a 7-year-old child. Raven is curious. Raven is vocal, having over 30 distinct voices. Raven doesn’t care who hears him. His song is for all to hear, gifted on every ear whether it likes it or not. Raven gives generously without seeking approval. 

But what makes Raven the ally of Sales is that he dares to embody uncomfortable truth, unapologetically.  

I hold the holy ground of initiating the women I work with into a deeper practice of sales. Most of the women I work with arrive to our container believing that sales is just an unpleasant, ‘necessary evil’ that they want to get good enough at so that they can have lots of money and at the same time do it in a way that doesn’t have them or their clients feeling discomfort. 

That way of holding sales is shallow and is not a match for spiritual practitioners who work at great depths.  

What changes when the sales process becomes something you ache for, like you ache to be on the land or in ceremony or in meditation?  

What is possible when you hold sales in a high place in your heart rather than the dungeon of your disdain? 

You massively increase all flow in your life, because you are no longer building a fortress of resistance.  

You will have tremendous energy as you bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars, rather than feeling drained and defeated.  

Your clients will literally create and receive more benefit from their work with you once inside the container because they enter through the door of truth. 

Your other relationships will deepen in intimacy and joy, because you no longer tolerate codependent falseness in your life. 

The anxiety in your business just drains away because you are clear that in your sales, you are there to serve, not to appease, not to convince, not to trick. 

You will collapse time and space and create what looks. Impossible to others, because you walk with squeaky-clean energy and coherence.  

My invitation to you is this – decide right now that you are open to receiving guidance from Raven on your sales. Keep it simple. Just affirm to your self and to the Void that you want to receive guidance on sales from Raven. 

Raven, or his smaller sister Crow, live almost everywhere. It won’t be long before one of them crosses your path. When they do – stop. Feel. Witness. And most importantly, receive. Let Raven show you something you’ve been unavailable for until now. 

Heretic starts March 7 – the time to act is now. If you know your business is meant to be on a 7-figure path and you know that the path for you is deeper embodiment, greater magic and radical sisterhood, our circle is for you.  

My clients literally turn their annual income into their monthly one in the first 90 days of our work together. “Wow, wow, wow!” is one of our most-practiced mantras.  

We do this by being willing to live in the magic and radical action that lives deeper than cultural norms, deeper than the mind, deeper even than the soul. 

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