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Transform Your Life Through Changing Your Choice

February 3, 2022

This year women will spend thousands of dollars and countless hours seeking improvement. They will sign up for programs, do mindset work, follow gurus and pay for advice all to create change in their health, their money, their spirituality, their marriages and parenting. 

They’ll get divorces, try a new practice of yoga or meditation, do ayahuasca, start businesses and take trips all for the sake of moving the journey forward.

They will do this while ignoring the most important aspect of existence that contributes to the quality of their life: their relating to choice. 

These glorious women know how to elicit massive action. They are playing a big, beautiful and holy game yet they never peel back the layers to look at the truth – that when pressures rise and the tide turns truly vulnerable, the mechanism of their choice goes unconscious, serving to numb, to avoid turning toward the tenderness that beckons and instead ‘overcome the obstacle’.

Our choice is the only thing that can never be taken from us. And when we are looking to create something more genuine, more alive and more abundant in our businesses, we need to look at our choice. Because everything that we have is chosen. And when we lack, that has also been chosen to.

Renegotiating our relationship with choice is the most powerful and sacred work we will ever undertake. It moves us from the places where we feel victimized to becoming spiritually accountable in all our affairs. It not only gives us greater access to the miracles that are our natural birthright, but it fundamentally changes how we show up to our relationship to life itself.

Heretic is where we create a radical life of choosing. Meaning ‘one who can choose’ in ancient Greek, Heretic is a circle for the ones who want to collapse time and space to amplify their revenue and shape reality through the deep love of choosing in alignment with deepest self.

We begin on March 7, 2022. Apply here.

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Join our free webinar, Living Legend, and learn the mechanics of evolving to 7 figures as a high-level coach.