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Unleashing Your Leadership Through Creative Expression with Sri Kala

June 27, 2023

In a time when hustle, packed calendars and trying to squeeze the most productivity out of our moments is the norm, the invitation to pause and notice what is really happening is revolutionary.

When our conditioning drives us to try and ‘make it happen’ and to strain towards our goals, the remembering that life automatically happens for us, is both mercy and invitation.

The evolution I am here to support is presence-based success versus productivity-based success. And no one I know embodies this more than my guest on the podcast this week, Sri Kala.

In this deep dive Sri and I you’ll learn:

How art is the most efficient and easeful path of leadership

The intricacies of developing high-quality attention, and the possibilities that attention can open in our lives

The magnetism that naturally develops when we shed self-sacrifice in our leadership and instead cultivate serving from abundance and overflow.

There are a thousand pearls of wisdom in this episode. Listen now to receive each one!

Tune in here.

Sri Kala has a deep connection to the oscillations of sound vibration, using mantra music meditation and sound frequencies to transmit his unique quantum healing. With nearly twenty years of practice and study, Sri Kala has mastered a rare capacity to hear and feel energy frequencies on the subtle platform and recreate them with his voice to promote healing for the mind and body. He is uniquely powerful at serving these massively self-aware beings in softening in the tiny spaces they still hold tension, infusing love in the small pockets they still avoid, and opening more deeply in their bodies than they’ve ever done before.

As a songwriter and musician, Sri Kala collects fragmented parts of himself and his audience and brings them together into creative expression for transcendental healing.

In addition to Sri Kala’s mastery in sound and music, he brings a deep understanding of breathwork, reiki, reconnective healing, qigong, astral travel, the Law of Attraction and other sciences and modalities into his service. He is deeply integrated, standing for the spiritual and material integration and mastery of his clients and fans.

Key Takeaways:

Intro (00:00)

Meet Sri Kala (01:16)

Working through mental blocks with art (08:50)

The power of self-expression (13:48)

All about healing (16:34)

What is attention? (26:47)

Genuine leadership (32:41)

Additional Resources:

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Connect with Sri Kala:

Check out his website here.

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