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Unlocking Potential Through Shamanic Dreamwork and Holistic Living

May 9, 2023

The word ‘success,’ when held superficially, can conjure images of overflowing bank accounts, holding a high position in your career, or even having the ‘right’ car, body, or relationship.

But when success is held as a frequency that you develop an intimate partnership with, it becomes a generous portal of wild aliveness. 

The truth of success is embodying your values so completely that life reflects back to you the respect, abundance, and possibility that you yearn for. 

Success is becoming clear on that value – your highest priority – and living it fully. Not because you are excluding aspects of yourself but because you are radically inclusive of them. 

If your highest value is presence, then success is a function of your being totally present. To become totally present, you can’t blame your multi-passionate nature. You learn to work with it. It no longer becomes the reason why you can’t be present but the reason why you can.

If you’re not nurturing every aspect of your life, you can’t unleash your full potential as a leader. 

The shamanic way of learning how to integrate and optimize our different inner aspects (rather than trying to control, judge or destroy these aspects) is shamanic dreaming. 

In this episode, my guest April Olsen Mata and I take a shamanic journey to uncover the hidden connections between seemingly disparate aspects of her life. 

April is a world-class transformational coach. In this session she shares two dreams that may seem unrelated at first, but ultimately reveal her longing to improve her parenting and be heard as a professional.

Together, we delve into the topics of parenting, personal actualization, unlocking one’s full potential, and full realization of the vision. 

With a specific focus on April’s desired parental shift, this episode provides valuable insights on living a holistic and integrated life rather than separating personal and professional spheres.

Through exploring April’s dreams and experiences, this session highlights the importance of holistic thinking and recognizing the impact of the relationship between the aspects of our lives on our overall well-being. 

Join us as we tap into the power of shamanic practices and explore the magic of revisiting a dream. 

Tune in now to unlock your highest potential!

Key Takeaways:

Intro (00:00)
Shamanic dream work – April’s pair of dreams (01:44) 
Parenting shift (05:36)
The strangest places in the dreams where integration is most obvious (13:59)
The collective consciousness of the whole family (16:10)
What happens when our kids go through their own individuation and initiation (21:33)
The bridge between the two dreams (27:48)
The voice of truth and love (31:56)
The fairy godmother as a female authority (34:08)
When we can voice, everything changes (40:10)

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