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Everything is Happening For You: Why Our Emotions and Human Experience Can Help Us… or Cripple Us

May 2, 2023

In my years of deep study, research and practice in manifestation and magic, I’ve heard so many different teachings about emotions.

That we need to honor our emotions.

That we should not let our emotions get a hold of us.

That emotions are sacred.

That emotions are toxic.

I actually love that there is so much confusion on what emotions are and what they for. In this confusion lies the opportunity to find out for ourselves what is real. 

Today, we dive deep into emotions, human experience and manifestation. We’ll explore the truth and debunk the myths of how our emotions can impact conscious wealth creation and impactful leadership.

As a shaman, my experience of reality and my understanding of the world are different from what they are for most people.

I am not a materialist; I am an animist. 

In a materialist paradigm, you are surrounded by inert ‘things’. Materialism is synonymous with separation. 

The shamanic perspective is an animist perspective. To me, everything that surrounds me is alive. Everything has energy, whether it’s a tree or a person.

Each existing thing is my ally. Even the chair i’m sitting on right now. Thank you chair! 

When you tap into the unique consciousness that exists in everything, a whole new world of possibility, energy and magic opens to you.

Let’s enter this rich tapestry of surfing the waves of emotion, animist magic and manifesting a life beyond your wildest dreams!

Tune in now.

Key Takeaways:

Intro (00:00)

The possibilities of animism (01:24)

The seven levels of consciousness (05:12)

Let’s go behind the scenes (09:19)

Why I decided to fully be in my moments (12:51)

We’re always living inside of a persona (16:15)

Have faith in life! (19:55)

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