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Radical Love: Our Journey of Marriage + Entrepreneurship With John Lulay

April 25, 2023

If you asked me why I’m with John, my husband, I could give you a long list of reasons.

But the truth is, being with him makes me feel more vulnerable than any other human on the planet. 

There’s some sort of cosmic architecture that exists between us that means none of the normal energetic defenses I employ work. He’s impervious to them.

For years he and I have talked about creating a podcast where we could share a behind-the-scenes look at what our relationship is like. 

And I’m so delighted that we finally did it; and I felt like my skin was on fire the whole time.

John has stood with me for nearly fourteen years. He has witnessed every single step of my self-made millionaire journey. 

John and I have had an interesting and unconventional journey. The Universe put him in my path three times over two years (including a mutual friend trying to set us up on a blind date). Every time my answer was no. 

And every time I shouted to the Universe in no uncertain terms that I was a Queen ready for me King, this man would show up again.

Eventually I said yes, we got married, had children, got divorced, then through sheer power of the Universe (and a catalyst), we found our way to each other again.

And the truth is, who we were before our divorce was not who we were when we got remarried. It took a tremendous amount of commitment, surrender to Spirit, and transformation from the both of us to literally become totally different people who could build a sexy, intimate, and abundant partnership.

We had to dive into the deep end of facing addiction, codependency, and trauma to claim ourselves, each other, and a life we love.

Today, John is here to give a perspective on what it’s like to be a leader and be partnered to an unconventional leader. 

He’ll also share about his experience with my chronic financial instability at the beginning of my entrepreneurship journey, how we created with it, and why he never stopped believing in me.

Though my knees are knocking a bit, it’s truly my delight to welcome you to our life.

Key Takeaways:

Intro (00:00)

The impact of financial instability on our marriage (01:57)

Let’s go back to the past (12:36)

How John was an unconscious manifester (19:26)

John shares a piece of wisdom with his past self (24:50)

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