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Do you have to breakdown to breakthrough?

April 21, 2023

A dear client of mine, from 7 Journeys, reached out this week with a question around manifesting a breakthrough.

She’s nearing the halfway point in her current journey – the moment when the initial ‘high’ of a new beginning has passed and there’s still a ways to go. This midway point is so important because it offers the opportunity to recognize that momentum is a short-term fuel.

When that fuel source dries up, our roots can sink deeper. They can anchor into our true purpose and devotion, soaking up spiritual nourishment that momentum can’t provide.

My client is a powerful coach with a beautiful vision to bring into form. Yet like all of us committed to the actualization path, she was starting to notice old habits, tendencies and patterns emerge.

Rather than assume these were problems to solve, she got curious instead. She wondered if these were actually symptoms of impending breakthrough rather than a sign that she was ‘off her path’.

This is a crucial distinction in manifestation: to recognize the subtle differences between ‘blocks’ that need to be managed and symptoms of breakthrough that need to be met and danced with skillfully.

The question she posed about breakthrough was so juicy, I just had to share it. She asked, “Does breakdown always have to precede breakthrough?”

I love this question. And the answer is yes. 

Breakdown always precedes breakthrough – and it’s important to remember that break down does not have to equate suffering. 

On our beautiful earth, we move from one season to another – we don’t have two seasons at once. There’s a period of transition where one season is giving way to another: the structure of the temperature, the structure of the length of the day, the structure of the growth cycle of the plants and the animals. They all must lose form or break down in order to find new form, which is breakthrough.

While there’s no ‘right’ way to be in a breakdown, I do have my favorites. My most favorite is what I call ‘Hunting the Breakdown’

Every day I hunt. I ask myself,  how can I consciously break down things that I know are coming to an end or that I know need to end in order for the new form to take shape? 

Even in something as simple as flossing my teeth. To be completely honest, I just don’t want to do it! And in full loving of myself, I can see it’s completely laziness. It’s just yielding to a pattern. 

Yet the deeper reality is I want my oral health to reflect excellence and love. Even more important, I want my total relationship to my health and the actions I take to transmit that frequency. 

So I floss. This way, when I’m flossing, I’m not just flossing. I’m hunting. Seeking out the places where I  have tolerated a worn-out form taking up space in me, and bringing it to an end.

It’s actually not different with creating clients or money or relationships or anything. 

What happens if you become the huntress?  What if you start stalking those places and breaking them down intentionally and lovingly and wildly? 

Breakdown and breakthrough are like inhale and exhale – two sides of one flow. 

To run towards them is to run towards your real life.

Let’s collect as many breakdowns as we can!

I love you!

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