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The Importance of Honoring Your Voice w/ John Patrick Morgan

March 28, 2023

The fear of being misunderstood is a seed that dwells within all of us. 

Some part of us is held within a belief that without understanding, there will be no love. Without external acceptance, there can be no inner ground.

This part wants others to get us, wants them to see us for who we are, and most importantly, wants to feel that our oddity, our eccentricity, our unconditioned self is welcome.

Someone who’s gone deep with this initiation is this week’s guest, the brilliant John Patrick Morgan (or JP for short).

JP is a teacher, philosopher, farmer, family man, and fitness fanatic. He is also the founder of Creating.

In this dialogue, we dive into the undercurrent of the real reason why his massage wasn’t converting to the degree he wanted.

His decision to go into introspection and self-reflection yielded a surprising answer and path forward. 

Listen in as JP and I create a new reality of heart-anchored existence, such as how everyone has the power to create, parenting secrets, the importance of honoring your voice and speaking your truth, and what’s possible when you prioritize love and joy.

Do you feel a yes?

Let’s dive in.

Key Takeaways:

Intro (00:00)
“I’m just a duck…” (01:01)
Why you should honor your voice (05:42)
JP’s awakening (13:57)
Let’s talk about restraint (23:17)
About parenting (30:25)

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