I Am a Revolutionist

March 24, 2022

I am not a capitalist.
I am a revolutionist, using tools that have traditionally been used as instruments of oppression and turning them into agents of liberation.

I believe the best way that I can serve women is to empower them to create exactly what they want.
Because a woman is a holy vessel.
And her desire is a sacred form of the Divine that ripens within her and seeks to find its place in the world of things.
I serve, not just by empowering them to create what they want, but to do it in the way that is right for them.

This is the revolution.
Your ego isn’t the enemy, nor is the shadow. There is no enemy at all.
You love what you love without making problems about it.
There is a way to create that is yours. 
It can’t be figured out, only discovered and decided. 

What oppresses you?
What if your task is not to banish it, but to put it in service to the holy desires gestating within you?


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