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Undulating Devotion to the Life That is Yours

February 24, 2022

I was flying.

One night not long ago, I went into shamanic journey, asking to be shown the first dream I had ever dreamed.

The dream that came forward was one that I recall so clearly but hadn’t thought of in decades.

I was seven years old, able to fly, to soar effortlessly in my room and beyond.

I marveled in the dream how the rules I thought absolute dissolved as I floated and soared effortlessly.

The feeling was pure joy, absolute delight and wonder.

Certainly, I dreamed before age seven, but when I ask myself, “What was my first dream?” This is the one that comes forward.

It’s not lost on me that, until the age of seven, children’s brains are dominated by theta waves, meaning that the dominant state of children is the dream state. They live in a waking dream without the sense of self that appears after age seven. They live in a land of undulating wonder, they don’t relate to what is ‘real’ and what is ‘not real’ in the same way adults do.

Around age seven, children’s brains begin to change. A beta brainwave state begins to take hold. Associated with ordinary consciousness and task accomplishment, beta brainwaves are also where our personality and separate sense of self lives.

It is not a coincidence that at the very time that I was being ‘introduced’ to my individual personality, I had a dream of being in flight.

Because I AM soaring.

When I feel scared and absent from myself, I am found by accessing that feeling of soaring in my body. It is the home within me. I am soaring. Soaring is what I am here to be – and to do.

There is one life that belongs to you. This is the life that is truly yours. All others are an artificial shape, taken from something outside of you.

Living the life that is yours will break your personality again and again. And in the breakage, you become whole.

I’m convinced that if there is one thing that will create heaven on earth, it is each of us taking up the life that is truly our own and forsake all others.

Because when you do, you live in a world of wonder, pure joy, absolute delight. And you bring that bliss through all that you do.

I want to be very explicit – when I say you live in wonder, absolute joy and delight I don’t mean these will be the result of you living the life that is yours. I mean these qualities become a navigational tool with which you track that life like Jaguar tracks her prey.

Like Bee tracks her sweetness.

Like Hawk tracks the tiniest changes in the sway of tall grass.

In my work, I hold the process of creating a 7 or 8-figure business as a Mystery School. We will track your earliest dreams. We will look at what remains unresolved in your future. We get lost as a shamanic artform. We hold practical business applications in the context of magic and radical authenticity.

If you know this way of creating is what honors your true life, book a call here. In this complimentary call we’ll explore how the Big Dream wants to move through you. We’ll get to the root of why that’s not happening. We will take a huge leap towards your most sacred dance.

Begin now. Let yourself remember your first dream. Let yourself wonder about the self-codes this dream delivered to you.

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Join our free webinar, Living Legend, and learn the mechanics of evolving to 7 figures as a high-level coach.