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Self-care as a catalyst for change

October 31, 2023

Confession – I’m sick of hearing about self-care. 

The dialogue around it and practices associated with it have become so mainstream that they often lack any real depth or intention.

When self-care is used to continue tolerating a life that degrades your energy, pushes your creative impulse to the bottom of the heap or perpetuates enslavement to business structures that do not have the beautiful mess of the human at their core – it is not self-care at all. 

True self-care are the perspectives, actions and investments that actually dismantle the binary that created the need for self-care in the first place. 

True self-care is spiritual activism. It’s not self-soothing or ‘treating yourself’. It is an embodied practice of refusing to consent to that which restricts you from caring for yourself. 

When I visualize self-care, I don’t think about candle-lit baths (except as portals of receiving divine transmission). Nor do I think about taking a ‘me day’.

Every day should be a me day.

The deepest self-care dissolves the binary that I can either care for others or I can care for myself – and breathes energy into the truth that we are one – if I neglect myself, I neglect you.

The deepest self-care isn’t a special reward or treat, it’s investing in a future where it would be unthinkable to act in a way that wasn’t caring towards my own body, mind and soul. 

My new book, Being Medicine, is an expression of this radical self-care. It is a guide in wealth and manifestation, but even deeper than that it’s about allowing our notion of self-care to become more active than passive. 

And in the week’s podcast episode, we dive deep into the possibilities poetry holds as a worthy form of self-care for high-achieving women and spiritual coaches. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why I chose to let life into the episode rather than creating a noise-sterile environment
  • How you can access secret troves of power, agency and creativity by searching for what you are trivializing within yourself
  • The power of poetry to access deeper wells of feeling, and why this is crucial for those who are building million-dollar ecosystems

I can’t wait to share this transmission with you!

P.S. Haven’t grabbed your copy of Being Medicine? You can pre-order this portal of revolutionary power, wealth expansion and guided manifestation here.

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