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How to Accelerate Your Destiny Through Empowered Decision

August 8, 2023

Drop into your body now and remember.

Remember that moment when you knew, all the way to your core, that it was done. 

As powerful manifesters and high-achievers, we’ve all had those sweet and victorious moments where our desire feels inevitable. We don’t need proof. We don’t require motivation. We don’t seek affirmation. We just know.

This is the power of shamanic manifestation. 

While we’ve all had those destiny-shifting moments, few people recognize that an architecture exists for that degree of magic, connection and coherence can become the way you live your life.

In today’s episode, I’ll introduce you to The Wheel of Manifestation – a cosmic wheel of mapping and creating success in authenticity and love. 

You’ll learn:

✨ How the Wheel of Manifestation can liberate you from ever having to ‘figure out’ anything, ever again

✨ Why accessing your real decision is so crucial to manifestation – even though it’s often overlooked

✨ The difference between control and empowered decision  – and tools to help you make the shift

I can’t wait for you to step through this portal of magic, liberation and love.

Listen here now!

Key Takeaways:

Mastering Time (01:00)

Empowered Decision (04:00)

The Wheel Of Manifestation (05:12)

Reflecting On Time (08:38)

Thinking Things Through Is A Lie (11:38)

How To Collapse Space And Time (13:42)


Additional Resources:

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