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Honoring Perfectionism: What Everyone Is Getting Wrong About Getting It Right

May 30, 2023

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I remember a moment, five years ago; I was driving my car through the woods in Minnesota, headed to the first big photoshoot for my business. It was a gorgeous fall day, with a rainbow of leaves and lightness in the air.

On my two-hour drive to our shoot location, I spontaneously had this nudge to find a podcast about the Myers-Briggs Personality structure, specifically about the INFJ type, which is what I am.

I followed my intuitive hit and I did find a podcast about the INFJ personality type. As I was listening to it, I heard something that completely changed my life.

They said that the greatest joy and internal alignment for an INFJ is to let themselves think bigger. Think bigger than anyone else. Think bigger than they think they can. Think bigger than what seems possible.

Those words made me cry. I felt seen and understood in a way I never had in my entire life. It was a permanent restructuring of my field.

I never felt good when I thought small, or tried to be logical or reasonable. Thinking big and going big is truly what makes me feel most alive and fulfilled. 

That one moment was such a profound shift that it altered my perspective and approach to multiple aspects of life and manifestation, including the one thing that is so often spoken about when you’re in circles of high-achieving women: Perfectionism.

There are so many things we get wrong about perfectionism. In this episode, you get loving spoonfuls of Coyote medicine on what is often a sticky subject and source of difficulty. 

It need not be that way my love!

Do you feel your yes?

Tune in now.

Key Takeaways:

Intro (00:00)

On one beautiful fall day, everything changed (01:01)

Perfectionism is a superpower (06:06)

Is scarcity closing you off to the world? (10:13)

A quick example (14:50)

The most common misunderstandings about high-achieving women (21:05)

Let’s talk about manifestation (27:40)

Outer validation vs inner peace (34:01)

Are you trying to be everything to everyone? (37:00)

Remember, your thoughts are beautiful (40:15)

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