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How to Deepen Self-Trust with Intuition w/ Sarah Noble

May 23, 2023

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Learning how to not only hear our intuition but follow the wisdom within us is vital to the success we create in life. In this week’s episode of The Seer’s Edge we dive deep into that actual practice of trusting your intuition.

Many of us are in a practice of giving too much power to outside voices. We look outside of ourselves for validation, love, respect, the answer to the Big Question.

We ask the Universe, the angels, the spiritual guides for signs. But there is a creative power that is only accessed by listening to our intuitive guidance alone.

The wisdom you’re looking for already lives within you. And listening to that inner voice, even when it seems to defy logic and sensibility, is the true path of easeful and mystical success.

Without faith, there is no success.

Without faith, there is no happiness.

This week on the podcast, I dialogue with a world-class expert of creating with intuition: the beautiful, amazing, incredible Sarah Noble.

Sarah is a revolutionary in creating full aliveness through intuition. 

Sarah, more than anyone I’ve met, has a willingness to turn towards what all of our habitual tendencies would have us turning away from. 

Her love is fierce, mighty, tender and beautiful. Everything that comes through her in this episode will bless you.

It’s time to tune in.

Do you feel your yes? Because I do, and I can’t wait for you to join Sarah and me on this magical journey. 

Tune in here.

Key Takeaways:

Intro (00:00)
What people get wrong about intuition (03:20)
Story time with Sarah (08:09)
The purposeful fighter (12:50)
Would you jump off the cliff? (20:02)

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