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Client Case Study: Double Monthly Revenue + a $30K Sale

September 5, 2023
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~ Client Case Study: Double Monthly Revenue + a $30K Sale ~

What would your first impulse be if someone handed you a check for $30K?

What is the vision that forms when you think about that happening over and over and over?

And what if that kept happening because you kept being who the f*uck you are?

This week I’m taking you behind the scenes in our first-ever client case study. The shamanic path of #manifesting your vision is very different from conventional coaching or even conventional manifestation work.

Creating $30K months through radical #authenticity is possible for you. Just as it was possible for my amazing client who doubled her monthly revenue and made her first $30K sale in less than 12 weeks of our work. She didn’t do this by building a funnel or becoming an influencer.

//She did it by surrendering to her authenticity//

Tune in to learn:

  • How she created a powerful shift in consciousness that activated her inner genius and delight
  • How she created lightning fast shift by tuning in to her joy and genius rather than doing what she thought she ‘had to’ to create a high-level client
  • Where the Wheel of Manifestation supported her the most in creating this incredible result

Everything you want is already here.

Learn the specifics of shamanic medicine paths to open to it now.

Additional Resources:

⚡ Learn how I Manifested a 3.5 Million Dollar Shamanic Coaching Business: https://juliettrnka.com/consciousness-yt

⚡ Learn more about my work here: https://juliettrnka.com/

⚡ Follow me on Instagram here: http://instagram.com/juliet_trnka

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