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The Healing Power of Visibility with Mikki Gaffen Stone: It’s not hard to be seen; it’s hard to hide

August 22, 2023

So many things that feel deeply important are in fact, only momentary. What matters, in the end, is the degree to which you can reflect back and say, I have been who I came here to be.

My beloved client, Mikki Gaffen Stone, is a brilliant coach who has lived a vivid and exciting life – serving her clients powerfully, cultivating a beautiful marriage with her husband, raising two incredible children, living transatlantically, earning no less than four degrees – and yet inside of all of this, managed to hide her deepest essence for much of her adult life and career.

When Mikki first came to work with me, she was already having tremendous impact and was well established in supporting parents and families. Yet she was feeling stuck inside of all-to-common questions of how to raise her rates, shift her work out of what she thought people would invest in and what she really wanted to do and how to find her ideal clients.

Inside of our work, I didn’t help her to answer those questions – I helped her to see that they were too small for her.

The transformation this woman has undergone is remarkable. Mikki has now taken the stage back (listen to the episode to see what I mean). She has spoken at MIT and Oxford, is being featured as an expert in a global network of transformative thinkers and is about to launch her own television show!

This episode is not a rundown of our coaching work. This episode is strictly for Mikki’s transmission. I wanted to give her ALL the space she deserves. Listen to her first-person perspective of the journey from successful-but-hiding to living in her full radiance.

Listen here for this epic conversation.

Key Takeaways:

3:18 Mikki’s Journey 

9:49 The Act Of Visibility 

17:07 Human Design x Projectors 

25:54 The Power Of Ease

32:30 How Scripts Play A Role In Our Lives

48:54 Sales And Scripts Don’t Work Together

57:10 There Is Plenty Space For You To Shine

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