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Embodying Breakthroughs: Creating Revolution in Your Field w/ Erin Gibb

April 11, 2023

How different do the edges of your life feel when you are creating from your future, rather than your past? What happens when you make decisions from your vision fulfilled rather than your current-moment reality? 

There is a reason that Serpent was one of the oldest Goddess forms. As humans, we are like her in that we too are literally designed to shed the identity we are living now and grow into the next expression of ourselves. 

That future self exists within you now. And when you turn your attention towards embodying her now, everything begins to change. 

Rather focusing on what’s lacking, you focus on what’s working. Rather than trying to ‘figure out’ how to be happy inside of perceived limitation, you live a life of embodied breakthrough. 

No one knows this better than the beautiful soul I’m interviewing today, the revolutionary Erin Gibb.

Erin is a Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Counselor and the founder of Therapist Expanded. She is devoted to the radical notion that personal fulfillment and professional excellence are not mutually exclusive, but are the necessary ingredients for personal and cultural change.

In our dialogue we looked through the portal of Gene Key 43: The portal of breakthrough. I held space for Erin to channel her lived experience as a leader who creates through epiphany. Join us in this deep dive into radical living, creating and leading.

Do you feel a yes?

Key Takeaways:

Intro (00:00)

Let’s explore the gates (01:00)

Let’s talk about codependency (04:20)

Move like nobody’s watching (18:11)

A story shared by a friend (28:52)

Breakthrough is not just an experience… (37:51)

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