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The M word

January 28, 2023

You already know how to create and receive everything you want. All of it. Right now.

It’s just that the knowing might be tucked away in the recesses of your subconscious.

I’m a conscious cartographer; my greatest joy is in unearthing the maps of success and creation that sparkle like gems within you. 

These precious maps are personal, surprising and include important roads the overculture has convinced you are ‘wrong’. But they’re not!

The Universe put my now-husband in front of me 4 times across two years before I said yes to him. Then later I divorced him. But no matter how many times I tucked tail and ran, every time I asked the Universe to show me my king, it was him. We now have the most loving, magical, sexy marriage on the planet.

14 years ago, when I first heard someone talking about going to Iowa to see a Shaman, I sniffed. A Shaman? In Iowa? What sort of nonsense was this?

A few years later, my own Shamanism became conscious. I saw that it is what I’ve always been, and my ‘coming out’ was a deeply vulnerable, rewarding and life-altering process.

Part of my personal map of ascension and abundance is me being presented with something so compelling that my subconscious kicks in and rejects it. Until I calibrate and let it in. 

This is not a ‘problem’ or a ‘limiting pattern’. It’s just part of the map.

So now I get excited when I think something is ridiculous and shallow, because I know I’m on the doorstep of my uplevel and deepening.

And so it is with MANIFESTATION.

The truth is, I’ve been manifesting for years with incredible results and so much growth and fun. But I could barely let the word roll off my tongue. 

But in the past year, I’ve gone all in. I wanted to take the M-vehicle out for a drive and see what it could really do.

The truth? Anything. Everything.

Manifestation isn’t sitting on a cushion, hoping the thing you want comes. It requires discipline, surrender and unhinged action. It requires more love than hard work has the space for. It requires bold and spirited partnership with the Divine. It requires you to walk a path of fire every day. But you realize by walking through fire, you are no longer burned. You fly like the fiery phoenix.

Manifestation is a way of being in the world where you live by values rather than fear, in non-negotiable self-worth than constantly bartering your dignity and in deep devotion to the truth – that our universe is overly abundant and you, just as you are, are an expression of that abundance. 

My experimentation has yielded tremendous results. Not just for me but for my clients. 

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Join our free webinar, Living Legend, and learn the mechanics of evolving to 7 figures as a high-level coach.