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Sales Liberation

How to Lead High-ticket Sales Calls that Eliminate Money Objections + Spark a Quantum Revenue Leap

The crucial, simple practice that eliminates the need to push pain points, ‘convince’ or sell through pressure - and still close multiple 5 and 6-figure sales ($500 value)

What you'll learn

A guide to unleashed power for you and your clients. 

The most common mistakes even the most experienced coaches make in their sales calls ($200 value)

The essential upgrades to your presence, relating and communicating that can add a zero to your monthly revenue ($10,000K value)

Become a master of energetic polarity and learn how to open a path forward even when a client seems stubbornly shut down ($1,000 value)

How to leverage the power of your own white-hot, felt desire as a tool of liberation in sales calls, rather than as slimy codependency or neediness ($1,000 value)

Learn to distinguish between false yes and no, and real yes and no - and how to powerfully guide your client to the truth ($500 value)

How to audit your sales calls with my 4-step process - to find out exactly where your client’s objections are coming from ($500 value)

How to structure your offer so your 10/10 client easily says, “I’m 100% in! How do I pay you?!” (priceless!)

Learn the exact energetics, strategies, and embodied implementation that helped me leap from $100K annual to $100K per month in less than a year!

Whether you are just getting started with high-ticket sales and you know mastery is the only option, or if you are a sagacious coach who wants to hone her skills even more, Sales Liberation will walk you through how to identify the real reason clients are saying, “I have to think about it”.

You’ll get the tools I usually reserve for the clients that invest with me at 6-figures - the ones that have helped them create their own $30K, $100K, and $222K clients!

If you know that pushy, pain-point driven sales and pressurized manipulation are not your path, and you want to implement one or two little tweaks that can bring your close rate to 75% - this program will blow your mind and heart wide open.

Sales liberation is for visionaries, way-showers, and heart-led leaders who are here to create the impossible, break industry rules, and grow a legendary business in integrity and power.

You can have a calendar booked full of sales calls and a massive lead pipeline, but if you don’t know how to lead your calls as a space of radical liberation, you’ll end up exhausted and frustrated, believing you’re just talking to the ‘wrong people’.



Learn the exact strategies that helped me leap from $100K annual to $100K per month in less than a year!

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