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I AM MANIFESTED is a carefully curated series of 9 practices that take you deeper into the Infinitesimal Realms, the source of all creation. 

'Infinitesimal' refers to that which is indefinitely small, and yet, the word 'infinite' dwells within it.

From this place, it is not, "I accomplished it," but, "It allowed itself to be manifested through everything, including me."

Manifestation isn't a result of domination or massive, sweeping action. It is the lightest touch that moves the mountain. The look that can kill or enliven. Intimacy is what gives rise to a new life form. These profound practices provide access.

With regular use, you will notice synchronicity rise to levels that seem to not be real. Opportunities will arise simply because you spoke the desire for them. You'll notice the falling away of a friction your hadn't noticed was previously present. 

These practices are illogical, non-linear. That is their power. That is your power.

Manifestation is not a function of controlling reality, but partnering with reality so profoundly become it.



Each day you’ll practice one immersive, liminal experience.  With regular dosage, all doors open.

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