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The 7-Figure Side Effect

What if designing your life for maximum pleasure + expression could create a million-dollar business
literally as a side effect?

3, 1-2 hour game-changing masterclasses (replays available for 48 hours)

Practical tools that let you sidestep the most common mistakes that keep most high-ticket coaches financially bottlenecked 

Vibrant community for connection and skill-share

Experiential learning - learn how to apply the practices to create an immediate cash pop

Earth ceremony, energy upgrades, guided shamanic journey and more!

What's included

The Immersion that guides you to embodied legitimacy, power and radical expression as the source of your millions.
It’s time to stop treating pleasure like a reward and make it the path. 

Has your guidance seemed to evaporate and what worked before is no longer working? Welcome to your quantum leap! This class is all about accessing what is most alive for you as the source of your millions.

Feeling bored by your offers + teachings, but afraid you'll 'lose' or 'confuse' your people?

Class 1: Reclaim

Manifesting 7-figures as a by-product of authenticity requires a new level of radical expression. We’ll design your life so that the more open + honest you become, the more your business flourishes. Say good-bye to shame and hello to grounded expansion.

Even the most experienced leaders are living only about 75% expressed.

Class 2: voice

Dismantle the idea that greater wealth means more responsibility and less fun. Learn the feminine art of spreading wide open and allowing that goodness allll the way in!

If you know the key to growth in 2024 is expanding your capacity to fully RECEIVE, this class is just for you.

Class 3: OWN



Learn the exact strategies that helped me leap from $100K annual to $100K per month in less than a year!

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