What if you could make more sales than in all of 2023 in the next 31 days?

What if you could make more sales than in all of 2023 in the next 31 days?

Money May

31 Days of Submissive Sales Training, Mad Revelry, Shamanic Dreamwork, Daily Coaching and Prizes! Join today and start dancing to the sound of sales notifications, learning, applying and sharing in this sisterhood of mad saints + conscious femme leaders.

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A sales flow that feels orgasmic

It's time to claim your sales and manifest a business that OVERFLOWS into the other areas of your life, rather than borrows from it.

The biggest reason most women feel stuck in their sales is that it feels 'out of their control'; because, doesn't that other person need to say yes? But what if it wasn't about control? What if you could fully own your sales as a creative act?

If you’re headed into the end of the first quarter knowing you need to pick up speed, through expanding your creativity, fun and pleasure - this is for you! 

What if you made more this month than all of last year combined? I know it might sound nuts... but that's exactly what I've done with these ecstatic practices again and again. So... why NOT you, too?

for 31 consecutive days, we will be a living mantra of sales devotion

It's time to sell like a woman..

The MEANAD are the female counterpart to the God Dionysus. He is the God of debauchery, revelry, ecstasy and abundance. 

The MEANAD wander through the hills and mountains, in ecstatic trance. They are irresistible, magnetic, fearless and silly.

You don't need someone to tell you what to do, you need a space that believes in you, that listens to you. 

One of the aspects of the feminine that remains most disregarded and denigrated is her PLAYFUL, FLIRTATIOUS nature. 
It's time to stop assuming hyper-masculine shapes of dry seriousness because we want to be 'taken seriously'. Your legitimacy lies in you owning and expressing every inch of you, not by being someone else's version of perfect.

Never hide your magic again.

these thoughts are only symptoms, pointing to the places where you are not yet free

You don't know enough people

Oh! This is my favorite! I'll show you how our clients regularly 10X their revenue in a single month - without growing their communities or going viral 

You don't know how to make money move fast

Massive cash leaps do NOT need to take long periods of time!!! By the end of MMM you'll be facing new 'problems', like how to navigate earning more than your partner and where to invest all that $$$.

Sales just feels like a chore

It makes sense - when we feel powerless, or like we have to contort in order to earn, sales will suck. I want to show you a flavor of sales that hits your YES SPOT every time.

“In the three months since joining this circle, I’ve had my two highest revenue months ever, in the multiple 5 figures and growing. .”

— Melanie Madhuri Phillips

You Deserve to Be Wealthy

I don't want to fix your mindset, I want to blow your mind

6 years ago I decided to go all in on sales - crazy, wild, ridiculously devoted. I made my entire previous annual revenue in 90 days. Since that time, we've been honing these skills like Kali's sword. The results of this work are insane. Like the MEANAD. Insane. Wealthy. Orgasmic.

it's all happening inside beyond

BEYOND is an entrepreneurial membership unlike anything else online. Luminaries, legendaries and leaders gather here. You can join us for 31 days and leave whenever you like - OR - compound the results and stay with us forever.

reality is so much more flexible than you think

The dominant cultural narrative is that hard work and self-punishment are the viable path to success. We are the living embodiment of the opposite. The MEANAD is the ecstatic freak, the unicorn jedi who is here to liberate the world from that status quo, and become rich doing it.


I'm thrilled to share...


Let's manifest May 2024 as your highest sales month evah! 
Where you feel so free, that your own freedom isn't even a question. Where you feel so lit up with passion that the right people are an easy yes, agin and again and again and again.


no. 01

Sell every day

Daily training, guidelines and coaching will be delivered daily inside our private app as well as in our live training calls.

no. 02

Dream every day

My nightime dreams are trusted guides in biz strategy. I'll show you how yours can be too!

no. 03

The more you dream + sell, the more you win

Super simple. Fun. Nourishing. Brilliant, just like you!

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Full Body YES →

Living Legends

PRIZE: Receive a bespoke training on dreaming medicine + accelerating your business by moulding the mysteries of shamanic dreamwork

($444 value for FREE when you complete week 1)

Teach Me Plz

The more you sell and dream, the more you win

Level 1

Sell + Dream for 7 Days Straight

Master Coyote

PRIZE: Come to a secret dreaming + coaching lounge where we practice collective dream re-entry + apply it to YOUR business, through the lens of a 7-figure shaman.

($1,900 value for FREE when you complete week 2)

This is my destiny

Level 2

Sell + Dream for 14 Days Straight

Money Master

Prize: Cash POP LIVE - this is one of my signature moves to create sales instantly with clients who make your heart soar. Somethign new comes out every time I teach this!

($5,555 value for FREE when you complete      week 3)

Yes please!

Level 3

Sell + Dream for 21 Days in a Row

Magic as a Woman

PRIZE: ??????

Believe me, you won’t want to miss it!

I am a Meanad!

Level 4

Sell + Dream for 31 Days in a Row

also, this..

Plus! Synchronicity prizes for participation + results throughout the month

And a grand finale prize that will make your heart soar!
Connect with a highly curated circle of experienced, embodied entrepreneurs, in the frequency of selling-as-love.
Just being in this circle is an uplevel. Join us. Sell your heart out on your terms. No matter if you've been in high ticket for years or are just entering the arena, there is something for you here!

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why not you?



Generate a wild increase in cash flow without complex automations + funnels


Save tons of time + energy by honing your intuition into a legit super-power, so you always know where to focus your energy


Structure your business exactly as YOU want to, and make it wildly profitable


Become the best salesperson you know


Sell high-ticket without arduous, exhausting sales calls 

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Doesn't living in radical creativity + financial wellness deserve a buck-fifty per day and a few minutes of your time....

what are you waiting for?!

success stories

vickie tripled her income

""I had my first $30k sale and double my revenue in 90 days!"

By looking her real desires in the eye and taking bold, loving action on their behalf, Vickie blasted through a stubborn revenue ceiling and created even more incredible results for the clients she loved.

be bold!

allison created uncompromised success

"I built a 6-figure business and am completely debt-free."

Allison unapologetically claimed her true nature - unstoppable. She bought a dream home and property she never thought she could afford and actualized her dream of a boutique catering business!

april replaced her corporate income

"I tripled my last year's revenue in just 45 days"

April has always been a heart-led innovator. But when she stepped out of corporate and into coaching, she was just presented with more cookie-cutter formulas that drained her energy and her bank account.
By following what thrilled her, she blew the lid off of her previous earnings.

Anything is possible when you realize you are your own BEST investment.

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over two decades of succeeding by doing what i want, when i want

After creating  $4M in sales, I saw something..

My success comes from unshakable faith in myself, my vision and my partnership with the Divine. 

I simply cannot thrive in spaces where an outer authority figure is telling me what to do. Being inside of cookie-cutter systems simply doesn't work.

What works is YOU. YOIUR magic. YOUR medicine. YOU, fully unleashed.

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i've stood where you're standing now.

Six years ago, I was broke and broken.

I had already walked myself through a divorce, a bankruptcy and rose from the ashes, tapping into an inner strength that had been secretly sleeping inside me. 

While I felt like sacred steel at my core, it was NOT reflecting in my business. Until one day, everything clicked into alignment.
I realized that all the courses on social media growth, branding and marketing were not going to get me where I wanted to go. 

And so I did in my business what I had done in my personal life: I started doing what I WANTED!

For 90 days I focused exclusively on sales as and the result was mind-boggling: I created my entire annual revenue in 90 days!

NowI know how to guide you through!

The MEANAD experience is the only one of its kind...

no where else will you find dreamwork + sales partnered together as a catalyst of cash flow

When woman are lit up, energized and filled with space, their creativity explodes. MEANAD is the space where your radical creative impulses are trusted as wisdom and wielded on behalf of creating a business you are genuinely proud of.

flow-based sales that create a business you are obsessed with

Something truly magical happens when you go all-in. You let go of the unspoken rules of how you are supposed to be.

You start getting hits that feel like magical breadcrumbs left by the Divine and instead of questioning them, you trust them.

You start to feel so much space within you and your life, because you're untied from that old identity.
You start collaborating with other women, making genuine connection, rather than being uptight and closed off.

You feel your power in a way you previously had not, and you recognize just how influential you truly are.
You do something different, and it feels SO. DAMN. GOOD.

Money starts to flow in unprecedented ways.
And you don't look back.

31 days of sales + dreaming

growth from fun + play, rather than heaviness

radical, high-level trailblazers + misfits

uncover your map for success


join meanad money may, taking place inside beyond

Cancel anytime or stay with us forever for just $197 per month after our 31 days of madness!

                         $197 dollars for 31 days.

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This      for you if:


you want to partner with the divine in your success

you love to go all in and are action oriented

even though you're living more full-out than almost anyone you know, you see that there is so much more for you to express and create

It's probably        for you if...


you believe your value comes from solving problems, rather than being a true creative

you care more about what people think of you than living your mission

you're afraid of money + don't want to be rich

Let's do this!