A Shamanic Business Mentorship Experience FOR WOMEN WHO ARE DESTINED To SHINE

  • Shift from looking to verify your intuition to acting on it immediately
  • Get radically honest about where, when and how you’d love to create clients and generate revenue and go all in on what you truly love.
  • Unsubscribe from conformity, hustle and other scarcity-based habits once and for all
  • Be surrounded by women who are building the new, authentic wealth paradigm, just like you.
  • Build meaningful ritual and ceremony in your life, to illuminate your deepest knowing and radiant confidence.
  • Explore practical and grounded business strategies that spark your delight and elevate your income levels.
  • Go beyond mindset into deep embodiment work, so that the hum of joy in your bones becomes your compass every day.
  • Learn how to identify, navigate and transmute the soul initiations that present themselves as business ‘challenges’

Build the skills of desiring, creating and living bigger than the small-mind of the persona and cultural conditioning to craft a life of miracles and uncompromised success.

This is what it truly is to be a wealthy woman.


These covens are specifically designed to exalt leader-women who are experiencing high-cost success - you’re generating revenue and leveraging your commitment but it’s coming with the pricetag of exhaustion and toleration. You are ready to experience the bliss, the delight and the power of stepping out of the scarcity paradigm, out of the hustle-and-conform approach and into heaven on earth. This is the only space that combines the long, strong roots of shamanic medicine and weaves it with the golden threads of generative business practice. I bring my entire earth magic toolkit as well as over two decades of experience in launching, building and running multimillion-dollar revenue flows.

Cosmic support and grounded strategy for the woman who’s a yes to having more - and to having it on her terms.

I’ve spent years refining the medicine here. It’s designed for women who don’t want fluff but who do want the tools to create rapid transformation in their inner being, in their money and in their lives.

This is a space designed for leaders. Leaders don’t need to be told what to do. They need space so they can access their deepest truths and feel the power of their call. They need high-level spaces where they can download the plan and work out the kinks before bringing it into being.

The Wealthy Woman Collective is NOT a membership. Think of it more like a healing temple where women of power come and go. They gather to receive ceremonial transmutation, and then go back out into the world to implement and upgrade. They return when they feel moved to do so.

We meet for three hours.

Specific protocols are used to bring you into a relaxed, surrendered and receptive state so we can rewire your nervous system and prune any mental, physical or emotional conditioning that could get in the way. I’ve been working with these protocols for over ten years and every single time they trigger a cascade of upgrades. Every time you join us in circle, you peel back another layer of the false self and allow a deeper inner authority to emerge.

Upgrades and Training in specific topics each month

Rather than trying to sell you on my launch process or email templates, I’d rather upgrade your entire system, clear space for new insights to come through and allow the correct path to emerge. Each month we look at a highly impactful business, wealth or leadership topic. You’ll have the opportunity to get my feedback and engage in ideashare with the other leader-women in the circle, so that you are ready to break through upper limits like bubbles with a strategy that is divinely aligned, deeply inspired and wildly profitable.

Bespoke Shamanic Journey + Energy Medicine

I spend days before these sessions dreaming, communing with the land and ancestors to download the most potent ceremony. Be prepared to be actively engaged in ritual process and to receive energetic tune-ups that are not offered anywhere else.


A deep-dive virtual circle



A Shamanic Business Mentorship Experience FOR WOMEN WHO ARE DESTINED To  SHINE. 

With juliet's guidance, I began to dream again.

"I began to interpret the medicine of nighttime dreams which evolved into creating my day dreams into reality.

In a matter of months, I began contemplating a private practice, then began working with a few clients and now I am celebrating 5 and 6 figure offerings working with entire organizations!

 I have never felt so loved, carried, supported and drowned, all at the same time. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my healing arts career."


Words of Praise

"I am getting known in my community and sharing my love for ceremony in a free flow way! "

"I am charging more & utilizing the resources I have created through our work to serve my community in the now moment.  I have started new moon ceremonies in person in my home, as an offering to the Mother, I am committed to doing 13.  And I realized that this was my way of holding circles. 

Juliet has given me more attunement and connection to my strength, to my badass self, to being unapologetically fierce, open and wild! It gave me permission to fuck up, pick up the pieces and keep moving forward.  Juliet has made a loving impact & will always be  in my heart!"

Irene Sanchez-Celis, Holistic Medicine Practitioner + Birth Doula

Words of Praise


"I'm proud of being a person who has stopped apologising for their power. I don't look at my power as hurting anyone anymore.

I am holding the torch of empowerment.

Leadership has been redefined to me. Leadership for me means utilizing my power to help others lift up their power."

"It’s really happening!"

"My highest-investment offers paid in full.

Dream clients dropping from the sky.

Me owning who I am.

Wowzers it was a ride but I’m finally playing the game. And doing great.

And my calendar is booked solid!!”

Katie Kozlowski, Master Energy Coach

Words of Praise


"My understanding of where I am in this world, has really opened up a huge amount.

I have recently suffered two losses, and yet I’m more than surviving. It’s not been easy, but I have a different understanding now. I’m actually helping other people close to me deal with their grief."