What is Earth Medicine?

We are living deep, broad and textured lives. And what I hear from the women I work with, time and again, is that there is a simmering under the surface, a yearning to live from a place of truth within oneself, rather than reliance on the reactive patterns we now don’t work. In honor of the need for honest and vulnerable conversation, I recently began a Facebook Group called WE ARE VOLCANOES (feel free to join us)! The women we expressing the full range of human experience – what to do in the face of a world that so often seems unjust, how to navigate moments when we are so overwhelmed with the ugliness that we just want to turn away from it all and how to resolve what experience as tension between holding the value of our emotional process while still showing up in our relationships. The audio below was created in loving response and as a way of introducing how we approach our circumstances here.