What Do I Believe?

I believe that healing is in our hands. I believe that we each have the capacity to heal ourselves. I know my role to be the one who guides people through that healing process and one who helps to create and hold that container for healing. I believe that self-healing capacity comes not from what we already know and practice. When there is a state of imbalance, pain and disease, we are being called upon to explore beyond what we already think and know in our minds. Healing is a process, not a form. Things like elimination diets, 28-day programs for addiction or personal transformation can ignite the process, but the genuine transformation occurs only when we surrender enough to learn that we must be in relationship with life to heal. It’s not an event, it’s a way of inhabiting oneself. I believe that convention can sometimes prevent us from truth and that a ritual, creative way of living can take the place of convention as a way to experience the joy of life. I believe that the living truth we seek is born of that sacred relational, ritual space. Convention binds us, ritual sets us free. I believe that sometimes the container we’ve created needs to crack wide open, that what first appears as loss actually makes gain possible. I believe that pain comes from disconnection and lack of relationship. I believe we are all powerful healers. I believe the body has an intelligence all its own, a language all its own. The body knows what it needs to heal. I believe we can learn to listen, to understand its language and respond with compassion, care and bravery. I am a lover I am a radical I am a priestess I am Persephone I believe in the power of my heart I believe that nothing external needs to change, but that we can change our lens, our view, our relationship. I believe in uncovering the obscured path, the path that seems scary, foreign, but that is actually our own abandoned territory. I believe in dreams, in inner wisdom, in doing the uncomfortable thing. I believe in me. And I believe in you. Earth Medicine is a path of reliable healing. And though it can seem quite magical, it is totally dependable. At times I am asked, “Can Shamanic healing help me if I don’t believe in it?” Here, the answer Do you need to believe in the sun for it to rise each day? Do you have to get up in the night, and believe so hard in the sun, in order for it to be? Of course not. This medicine does not depend on your belief. It is bigger than you and bigger than me and bigger than anything we could ever know. It works and that’s just how it is. Belief and knowing what you truly believe (as opposed to 99% of what we think we believe which is just stories we’ve been told) is a powerful tool. And it’s not everything. I created Healing the Healers Mentorship for those beings who simply need to go all the way to living their own life. Those folks who are ready to believe in their belief and also to let their belief go and to know that to do one, you must do the other. I created this mentorship for all the things you fear cannot heal. They can. You can. I believe in you.