We Have Called It Restlesness

We have called it restlessness, boredom, anxiety, irritability. We have silenced it by many means, but what if instead we turned to look it directly in the face, brought our full presence to the gnawing sensation and really asked that sensation directly, “What does this energy want to do?” I did this, I asked the question and this is what this energy in my body had to say: She does NOT want to be chopping and fermenting and cleaning. It won’t hurt you to leave it, she says, at least for today, for those domestic goddesses for whom this is their greatest joy, their domain, their power place. She wants to dispense with the formalities of this sensible dress, to get in the mud and make a mess, to leap upon back and to grab by the hair, to gaze with an unapologetic stare, eye portals welcoming pilgrims home to infinity. She wants to worship and play, and worship and play, to clasp hands tight and begin to pray, to explore the mystery of ‘mouth’, simultaneously searching and celebrating, seeking and surrendering. She wants to be pulled magnetically deeper into the body, into the roots by hypnotic rhythm, to lose hours, days in the terrain of body, in the journey of a kiss…I wonder, have you asked yourself lately what you would really like to be doing right now? Asked yourself, “What’s in the way?” -Erin Rivera Merriman ….. What if, instead of looking for ‘right’ answers, we learned how to live more interesting questions? What if the path to our inner, non-conforming wisdom is not linear at all but circular, spiral, moving in, moving out? What if we are ill not because our immune systems are inept, but because the organisms inside of us have more passion to live than we do? What if we could live a life free of obstruction and filled with unity? It’s time to ask these questions in a real way, and listen deeply. What do I really want to be doing right now? What kind of life do I really want to be living? Who did you come here be? Are you being that person? When I began to ask these questions, to live inside of them, everything changed. I exchanged safety for honesty and fearlessness. Isolation was traded in for radical intimacy. All the power I had bartered away so that I could build a sense of fragile security was returned to me. It is being returned still. I am in a cyclical ritual now, not a ritual I created but a ritual that is creating me, in the image of my Original Self. I have gone from a woman who trusted no one, not even herself, to becoming the embodiment of trust. The power I hold now is the power of Love. And it’s not the sappy, sentimental sort. It’s the Love that refuses to see anything but your absolute radiance, worthiness and deep caverns of quickening wisdom. Vedic Earth Medicine exists to create a vibrant, secure space for these explorations, for you to reclaim your Original Self and to claim and know the medicine that is yours. Gateways are open. You are warmly invited to step forward and dive deep.