We are in love
I work with those who are changing the world in unconventional ways

I want to help you find what you need as you navigate the terrain of your dreams and challenges. When we first connect I’ll invite you to expand your range by going more deeply inward than you’ve ever gone so that you can dream bigger and more audaciously than you’ve ever dared.

Together we’ll source, uncover and activate your inner compass, allowing you to take tiny, impactful steps in creating that dream. We invoke the passionate change that wants to unfold through, allowing for effortlessness and ease.

The tools I call on are both provoking and nourishing. All are in service to dissolving anything that stands in the way of an unshakable knowing that we are, indeed, in love – that love is all that is and we are it. Creating from that place puts you more in touch with serendipity than control measures and in alignment with radical synchronicity rather than chronic efforting. Your deepest service flows powerfully.