The YES Spot

The real reason people say no to your offer

and how to create all the yes’s you would love

October 22

11am -2pm CST


Join us for the most impactful three hours you’ve ever invested in your business.

You were designed to thrive in your business, not experience it as a series of obstacles that you have to overcome.

Don’t sell your soul.

Sell FROM your soul.

As a healer or spiritual entrepreneur, have you struggled with:

Having one potential client after another say, “I totally want to work with you, but it’s just too expensive.”

∇ Working endlessly on your money story but seeing no change in your revenue

∇ Feeling frustrated because you always invest in yourself but you attract people who won’t do the same

∇ Feeling like the success of your business has to involve trade-offs and hard work


You were made to thrive. That is your design. That is your birthright. Creating a massively impactful and lucrative healing business isn’t about working harder. It’s about remembering that you have a choice. You can create through magic and love or you can create through force, strain and diminishment. You get to decide to swing through the trees or slog through the mud.

High-paying clients come from you.
Money comes from you.
Time comes from you.
The New Economy comes from you


What would your business look like if you went all in on love and magic?

Your business becomes a vehicle of purpose. You stop trying to guess what price will offend people and create your pricing from your personal internal commitment to actualizing your vision.

Money and time work for you, rather than the other way around.

You understand that adding dollars to you bank account doesn’t subtract from someone else’s

As a shaman, my mission is to create heaven on earth – for all of us. Not for some at the expense of others. We can all have heaven on earth.

In our time, this doesn’t come from labeling money as ‘unspiritual’ or abdicating our inner authority.

We create clients, yes’s and revenue by going more radically into our love than we ever have.

Creating money as a spiritual practice is different than healing your money wound. That wound needs tending for certain, but healing a wound isn’t the same as building a muscle. Let’s build the long, strong muscles of purposed wealth.

The YES Spot is where you will learn that creating yes’s with potential clients is easy – when you understand where a client’s yes or no really comes from.
It’s not about money.
It’s not about time to think it over.
A potential client’s yes or no comes from the quality of your BEING with them and the power of your relating.

Your being matters most. This is where the most powerful transformation happens.

Are you charging the fee that you really want to charge?

Are you showing up for your work with your whole being?

Are you clear that you create and hold the value of the fee you desire?

How often do you say ‘no’ to someone who wants to work with you?

Are you holding back because you fear you will offend someone?

How do you make important decisions?

From a powerful state of being, truly transformational relating can happen

How often do you speak exactly what you would love?

How willing are you to speak the truth to those you serve?

How willing are you to allow someone to have their pain? Their thoughts? Their desires?

Are your thoughts, words and actions aligned with each other?

How would the world be different if you only and always spoke your truth?

In this workshop we will:

 Actionable practices to create highly invested client today

Where high-paying clients really come from

Why more inner work on your money story hasn’t resulted in more clients

How to spot the structures in your business that may get plenty of calls on your calendar, but result in no’s to your work

How to recreate said spots so that everyone who speaks with you is already a passionate yes

How to NOT unconsciously turn a yes from a client into a no

Somatic practices and energy medicine to support holistic inner authority

It’s time to go beyond healing your relationship with money.

Now is the time for money mastery.

It’s time to stop playing by rules from a broken economy and create your own playbook for empowerment, upliftment, impact and wealth.

This workshop is for you if:

You are a highly skilled healer or spiritual entrepreneur who wants to create wealth from truth, honoring and magic

You are here on this earth to serve a vision greater than you

You know your business was built for multiple 6 or 7 figures, but your revenue isn’t budging

You want to create yes’s with clients that feel amazing, transformational and in honoring for you both

The YES Spot

October 22, 11am-2pm CST