The Year of Two + True Self Care

[vc_row][vc_column][mk_dropcaps style=”fancy-style” size=”50″ padding=”20″ background_color=”#e8e8e8″ text_color=”#4d4d4d”]H[/mk_dropcaps][vc_column_text p_margin_bottom=”20″ width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”]ere. Now. The One Becomes the Two. One brings the gifts of certainty, of sovereignty, of whole, of self. Two invites us to hold space for more. To encompass more than we have known. To step into the terrain of other. Two invites us to remember what can happen, the healing that can happen, when we notice what is coming out of us to that other, and what is coming back to us from her. In the infant space of this new year, Two whispers to us of the possibilities of opening to Her grace, to feel ourselves in partnership with all of it-every expression of Divine Mother energy-the chirps, the snow, the dirt underneath, the wind that kisses and bites our skin, the food that passes through our lips. All is a way to remember after a million times of forgetting. Two is partnership, the sacred dance of reflection, of knowing that we are stronger together. Two frowns on throw-away, on acting like anything could be useless. Two asks us to look again. To see that the Other, no matter how strange or difficult or different or poorly behaved, has value. Two says growing our webs of connection, understanding and relating make for stronger living, even for the disciples of Hermit-ing. And even within oneself, a multiplicity. We can no longer afford to hate the pain, the anxiety, the mess, the sludge within. Two reveals that even what has made us feel sick and stuck and inept was serving a purpose, holding us together somehow. And as we grow to encompass more, to root into the ever-deeper places, those old scabs become itchy and we become restless and heated in our knowing that now is the time to shed. Two shows us it’s not the pain or imbalance or the annoyance that we are shedding but the misunderstanding that leads us to fight with it and to want to domineer. We are shedding the structures (of our own creation) that have restrained our souls. Two is the embrace that the One can never know. Before a few weeks ago, I had not given much thought to numerology. I didn’t disdain it, just simply hadn’t considered it. But recently, it’s been incredibly, sparkly, luminous, showing me its intelligence. Numbers are, after all, archetypes. They hold vast energies in seed form, inviting us to become curious and investigate. And it’s always true that the things we ignore and overlook are places filled with treasure. 2017 was the year of One and 2018 is the year of Two. And for each of us, in our individual pathways and growth spirals, we can allow the truths that vibrate in the archetype of Two to inform us, support us and challenge us. ‘Self-care’ is a term, an attitude, an idea, that is becoming increasingly popular. And like anything that becomes popular, my instinct is to light up all my senses, dig in deeper and find the essence. What is important to understand is that having a good routine of sleep, body care and journaling is not true self-care. Let me say that again-the ways that you deal with the impacts of stress, the way you practice yoga postures and mindfulness are not true self-care. These things are deeply, deeply important however, because they create the foundation for us to be able to actually practice true self-care. True self-care is the unflinching willingness to look at our own karma, our own shit and to deal with it as an internal process so that we don’t have to keep projecting it out onto other people and situations, so that we don’t have to continue to live our life through our kids, our partners, our bosses and friends. True self-care allows us to walk without carrying idealized selves and lives that we are trying to live up to, because we are connected to the life unfolding right now. A personal commitment to nourishing oneself and bringing the nervous system out of fight or flight is essential so that we are resourced enough to be accountable and to do the inner alchemy, through ceremony, ritual and prayer that actually transforms our misunderstanding. We ought not confuse the map with the territory. This view is actually not something I came up with, but is a fundamental teaching of Ayurveda and Shamanism. Ayurveda states very clearly that bringing the four levels of our being (physical, emotional/mental, archetypal and bliss) into total harmony and health through energy therapy is what enables us to be able to handle the removal of karma (confusion about our identity and the nature of reality). The process of alchemizing our karma enables us to become the wild and free creatures we truly are. In Shamanic traditions, the Medicine Wheel gives us as living, vibrating portal of raw life energy to transmute energy that has lodged itself in our tissues and subtle bodies into light, love and freedom. Preparation for Medicine Wheel Practice routinely includes all the things we might associate with self-care: ample sleep, deeply nourishing foods, ritual baths and body therapies, a dialogue with inner self. These things are preparatory for the deeper transformation of the individual. This deeper transformation always involves the intense work of loving our shadow energy, letting go of the need to fix anything, seeing the perfection and beauty in all things and completely owning our projections. The year of Two is coming in with a clear directive to support us in this deeper work. While 2017 fertilized our capacity to notice that our bodies, minds and souls have non-negotiable needs, 2018 will nudge us further, ask us to open wider, go deeper and meet the intensity of life with an intensity of our own, so that nothing passes through us without being fully digested. We will be invited to become more honest and loving than ever as we snuggle up to the biases we carry and learn to breathe deeply even in uncomfortable, necessary conversations with the we have Othered. The result of this inner alchemy is that we signal to the Universe that we have the capacity to be responsible for our heart’s desires. So often people can become dismayed because despite all their good and honest work, they don’t see the results they were hoping for. The dream is stuck in the subtle, unable to find a container in the physical. Every time we get triggered, we can know that it really has little to do with the person/situation/president/media that provoked it. The instigator has actually done us a service, because they have exposed a wound/karma within us that is calling for healing. We come clean about the truth-that the behavior of others does not cause our problems. It is the energetic imbedded objects we harbor that keep us from seeing the beauty in all things that is at cause. Committing to becoming our own healer is the way we create the container for something bigger. Spirit can pour all kinds of potential and beauty into our experience, knowing we are committed to mending the cracks, holes and gaps that exist in the four levels of being. This process actually becomes fun, juicy and potent because it also means we can turn straw into gold-what before was a problem, a block, a wall, becomes a tool to wield in the new life we are creating. Life in 2018 is getting ready to show us that we are more expansive than we knew, more acceptable than we could believe and more capable of loving in ways that seem impossible. Here’s to your new year and all that you embrace. If you are ready to jump-start your true self-care, make sure to email me at to set up a private healing session. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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