The Balance-Wheel // Homage to the Forces of Darkness + Light

Kali, be with us Violence, destruction, receive our homage. Help us to bring darkness into the light, To lift out the pain, the anger, Where it can be seen for what it is – The balance-wheel for our vulnerable, aching love. Put the wild hunger where it belongs, Within the act of creation, Crude power that forges a balance Between hate and love.   Help us always to be hopeful, Gardeners of the Spirit Who know that without darkness Nothing comes to birth As without light Nothing flowers.   Bear the roots in mind, You, the dark one, Kali, Awesome Power. -May Sarton, The Invocation to Kali ….. With no fewer than six planets in retrograde, a full moon playing hide-and-seek in eclipse, and on the verge of arrival into the season of inner unwinding, we are going to feel. A lot. We’re going to need to slow down and trust that though we may get less done, it will be done well. We will experience the eruptions of destruction, even if it’s just a kissed appointment or an email we forgot to send. In each one we can notice the opportunity for rebirth, for allowing ourselves to be moulded by the greater dance of life. The light needs the darkness and darkness needs the light. I invoke Kali, the compassionate force of wild destruction, to help untether us from boring illusions, stale agreements and vows we didn’t really mean to make. May we come undone in the sweet darkness.