The answer is not to grow. The answer is to be supported.

The arrival of this missive in your inbox likely means that you identify as a person ‘on a growth path’. You revel in the meaning and magnitude that growth brings to life. You invest money, time energy and heart into growing beyond your current mindsets and habits. You use it, consciously or unconsciously, as a metric, a way of making sense of yourself and others. And even, deep deep down, as a way to asses the value of yourself and others by whether they are growing or seem, by contrast, to be stuck, stagnant or (gasp!) not interested in growth at all.

I am a growth person. Growth is what makes sense to me. And it is my answer-at-the-ready for nearly anything that feels dysfunctional or traumatic. It’s my go-to.

But when we only have one tool to use, one answer to anything and everything, it becomes overgeneralized and less useful. It becomes a shape we can’t find fullness within. Growth becomes a pressure, an escape and sometimes a wedge we might drive between us and others who seem to not be growing or evolving in a way we can recognize.

For those on the growth path, the natural creatives that always feel the newness of some horizon, the answer is not to grow. The answer is to be supported. And this in all ways, particularly the ways you might resist. If you want to meditate but keep editing it out of your schedule so you can accomplish other tasks, you need to be supported.

What if got really honest about the kind of support actually required to thrive, to raise small children, heal chronic illness or raise the consciousness of a community.

To find honest answers, we can look at the earth. No individual life is truly independent. Every species depends on the others to thrive. This is a time to ask for more support and to get into an intimate, felt experience of what kind of support we can each give and simmer in the white-hot fire of receiving more than we are currently comfortable with.

This is not to say we should shirk our growth process or avoid it. But for some of us, the expansion, deepening, amplifying quality of growth is so delicious we could never resist it anyway.

One of the major differences in a shamanic way of living versus the western overculture is that disharmonies and the healing of them are experienced as a community issue. If a child is sick with a deep lung infection, the shaman may find through ceremony that no one grieved when a fungus killed an entire stand of trees in a nearby forest. By making offerings to the forest and grieving its loss, the child’s lungs begin to heal.

The split between personal growth and collective support is one of the thresholds we’ll be exploring in Communion // Healing the Split.

Each week unveils and amends contracts of disempowerment and limitation while enlivening and illuminating your sense of who you really are. This education will empower you to choose your way of being the healer and change-maker in your life.

  • We will challenge conventional approaches to healing and empowerment that circulate in holistic healing communities.
  • You will walk away with practical tools of embodiment and offering that will allow you new ways of experiencing yourself and precepting your world.
  • You will feel a growing flexibility and workability in the moments that have long-held patterns of avoidance.
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You may have come to expect that some splits simply can’t be healed. They can. Our souls call us to take up the task with the medicines of genuine community support, loving transformation and tools of repatterning.

All that is required is willingness, giving yourself permission to value yourself and a commitment to experiencing your life with a wider and more life-affirming aperature.

The primary yearning and intention of this course

Nurture the disenfranchised, atrophied and disregarded parts of ourselves and our experience with practices that keep us vitalized, living with more ease, empathy and purpose

Mend the habit energies and lineage wounds that perpetuate our sense of being othered and distanced

Foster and deepen reciprocity with our soma and the earth

Share impactful and enduring practices for common-unity in a container built with compassion, clear seeing, receptivity and some coyotes


  • Guidance from the energies of mid and late summer – the solar feminine, harvesting the outcomes of our actions, relaxed and focused attention and ritual repetition
  • 5, 90-minute sessions of instruction and group practice in cultivating resilience through embodiment and offerings, along with downloadable recordings
  • Weekly worksheets to keep you in close bond with your inner being
  • New tools, patterns and perspectives to bring to moments of intensity, change and transition – to nurture yourself out of self-restrictive patterns developed in early life
  • Within each session, roughly 60 minutes of presentation, group practice, teaching and review of worksheets
  • Within each session approximately 30 minutes of sharing, coaching and healing dialogue


Communion // Healing the Split

A 5-Week Training in Shamanic Embodiment and Spirit Offerings

Mondays 3 – 4:30pm CST, August 3 – 31, 2020

Investment: 900 USD

In full support,


P.S. If you ask, “how can I grow my way through this?” more than, “what quality and depth of support do I require?”, then my free guidebook was made just for you. Download it here.

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