Stalking Death

A 6-week Initiation Ceremony

Surrender into Abundance  Claim Inner Authority Bless the World with Your Undoing

Do  you  ache  to  soften  into  power  and  unwind  into  wealth?

This 6 week initiation is an opportunity to coven with Juliet Trnka herself, Coyote Shaman and shameless advocate of everything unloved and unlived within us. She will guide you step by step in a feminine descent ritual as old as time itself.

What is Stalking Death?

A shaman is a death-stalker. She rattles and sings when others flee.

She is fierce in her love and soft in her power.

She turns from nothing, she creates everything, bringing her finger to the pulse of life.

Stalking Death develops the musculature of your authority – not by sequestering choice and consent – but uplifting and amplifying it. Not quieting the voices of fear but leaning in to consciously hear them speak. Choosing what to make of them.

What we push away, bury, run from, minimize is where all the hidden power is.

The next steps in your journey of wealth and impact don’t come from holding the right mindset. They come from surrendering mightily.

Here is the truth – you can create and receive powerfully from anger, from pain and from fear. Conscious descent is what is needed now.

Entrepreneurship is a realm designed to decloak you, to expose every place you’ve been holding out. It is a sacred dismantling of all the barriers you’ve created between yourself and life.

Our moments of falling and failing are no punishment or evidence of unworthiness. They are the point of opening to that which is greater than we’ve yet been.

Sometimes, life falls apart. This undoing is not the enemy, but a vital nourishment of growth. After all, a cancer cell is one that has forgotten how to die. Yet no one gives us the tools to make meaning and medicine of it. Learning how to dismantle is a woman’s number one tool of reclaiming her true power and connection to Self.

There are secret tools that have been with us all along. In fact, the oldest stories on Earth are stories of women falling apart, going down into the underworld, and being rejuvenated and reborn so they could claim spiritual enthronement once more.

As healers we inevitably arrive on moments where we think our world is lost, when everything we have counted on has collapsed, when we no longer know the woman who is staring back at us in the mirror, or feel shaken to the core. In Earth Medicine, these are positive symptoms that signal the soul’s readiness for growth, recovery and spiritual enthronement.

Without these tools, we will feel these states to be our enemies. We will only try to change them or avoid them. We won’t have the option to put them to use on behalf our goals, desires and sweet intentions.

This 6-week journey is not a course, it is an initiation that will permanently evolve your energetic architecture. It designed to elicit massive and rapid shifts in all areas of your life.

This ceremony is the culmination of my deep and intensive work with The Ancestors and the soul of the Innana + Ereshkigal myth. I knew I was being called to birth a ceremony that would empower healers and spiritual leaders to inhabit places of undoing, death and fear as places of refuge and partnership. This ceremony was born to give us back to ourselves and to give us the range of full presence and consciousness in all the places we’ve been patterned into a trance of seperateness.
This ceremony is one-of-a-kind, just like you. While it is not a training filled with business tools, your money and business will thrive as a result of your work here.
The confidence we seek comes from having a deep and abiding relationship with the unconscious. The actualization of our dreams relies upon our ability to be-with ourselves in the dark, to undo, to expose, to look, to be seen.
The energy of your business flows through light and dark spaces both.


A journey of fearless undoing, paradoxical abundance and inner authority


The six week journey is a series of audio classes and guided shamanic ritual where Juliet guides you through the process of dissolving, ending and culling through all aspects of your being. This is not a passive process but one where you will be an active participant – sourcing your dreams as guidance, making relationship with water and land, and allowing yourself to be initiated by the vast and compassionate energies of the Void. This work is a rapid transformation ritual and will swiftly shift your field in ways that would otherwise take years if not lifetimes.

You will receive: 

Weekly audio and written medicine transmissions
Guidance in specific altar and ritual work as well as dream yoga and plant allyship
Membership in a one-of-a-kind Facebook group
Two love-laser coaching sessions with a shamanic coach on our team

After our bright, fiery expansion moments (Summer/South on the Wheel) comes the time to source the wound, recover our generative power, sperate the wheat from the chaff, and do the deep, unconventional feminine work of personal rejuvenation.

In Stalking Death you will:


Learn how to restore and cultivate massive energy flow in any circumstance

bring love and regard to all parts of you

Create action and work-flow cycles that naturally harmonize with rest and centering

grow your wealth in all dimensions of your life more swiftly

stop living like you are ‘driving with the E-brake on’

Align your personality agenda with your soul’s purpose

Call forth your nonconforming Feminine wisdom, installing a resilient sense of purpose



build tools of intimacy with self, family and community

Reclaim your Sacred Self by naming and claiming the wound as power

Live with radical inclusivity and powerful choice

Embody your inner authority and spiritual enthronement

Create with paradox

Practice refuge as defenselessness, fearlessness and having nothing to protect


Step into the Dark Feminine in ways previously unknown and you will grow your capacity both for your inner work as well as your ways of being in the world.

Specific Tools and Skillsets:

Active Dreaming as a tool of personal and Shamanic healing

Initiation into the Water Element, working with the water element as a sacred ally

Exploring feminine archetypes as a path of embodiment

Partnering with the descent/renewal/ascent cycle

Ritual baths + plant spirit medicine

Fearlessness in a frightful world

Mugwort ally as Priestess of the Inner Realms


You, dear one, have already crossed so many miles on the roads of abundance and spiritual depth. And you know you are destined for more – more sweetness in each moment, more wealth and financial freedom, more feminine roar and purr, to live your soul’s purpose shamelessly. The time is now. Let me show you how.